E-Commerce: WordPress Plugin Review

Wordpress allows 3rd party plugins that offer exceptional capabilities. One class of plugins are related to e-commerce. These allow you to sell knowledge products, ship-able products and services.

Mobile Phones Are Changing Social Media

This highlights a few intriguing facts, such as that there are more than 100 million active Facebook mobile users, and that those mobile users are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users. It also notes that 18-34 year olds account for about 50% of mobile social networking usage.

Thinking of Selling Over There?


Google’s Computing Power Refines Translation Tool By MIGUEL HELFT New York Times MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — In a meeting at Google in 2004, the discussion turned to an e-mail message the company had received from a fan in South Korea. Sergey Brin, a Google founder, ran the message through an automatic translation service that the… Read more »

YouTube Catches McDonalds… Over 1 Billion Videos Served

Previously, comScore, a marketing research company that provides marketing data and services to many of the Internet’s largest businesses, had reported numbers for their U.S. market to be in the neighborhood of 10 million videos watched per month, however, YouTube released their own figures which also include global totals.

D&D Social Media Protocol

The following is the social media protocol that we utilize with D&D Performance Enterprises to leverage content to educate and engage their prospects.

Podcasting Means Business

Incredibly economical, it’s an ideal way to expand your customer reach. What’s more, frequent podcasts can help build current customer and employee relationships. And repeat sales.

YouTube Goes Wide

By choosing this route, YouTube must go head-to-head against the Web’s reigning king of streaming long-form video: Hulu.

Building Brand Via Video

BikePros Taps the YouTube Platform BikerPros produces video to assist our clients in building their brand and driving traffic to their site. In our research we have found that as long as the video is posted we see: Daily video views Traffic to client site Your Watching Brass Balls Bobbers’ Military Bobber Vidcast The following… Read more »

Video Marketing

Top 10 Reasons To Use Video The top 10 reasons to use video to market your organization boils down to increasing top line revenue. Video is one of the most persuasive mediums available today and when implemented correctly it will pay dividends. 1. Drive site traffic 2. Increase depth of visit 3. Enhance user experience… Read more »