From Dar Holdsworth, Brass Balls Bobbers

      • Biker Pros in general and Jeff Najar specifically has done a fantastic job for us at Brass Balls Bobbers. I am sure you will benefit, as I have, by working together with him.

From John Zolicoff, BioRev

      • I have worked with Jeff in several capacities over the course of the last four years. From marketing strategy development, tactical implementation, grass roots activation, pr and campaign management, Jeff has consistently delivered high quality work. His traditional marketing experience combined with insider intuition of the moto market makes him a immediate asset to any firm contracting his services to reach the motorcycle enthusiast.

        For your information, my fifteen years background in the industry was as a sales and marketing manager for Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Managing Director for KTM North America. I’ve worked with a number of marketing groups over the years, and Jeff stands out as a committed professional who can bring fresh outside-the-industry solutions to a market place that often gets in the rut of recirculating the same programs and promotions to move iron. Committed rolling up his sleeves and delivering results, Jeff will spend the time to make sure he understands your company objectives and work the details to ensure his programs achieve the required results.

        I feel so strongly about Jeff’s capabilities that I’ve continued to use his services as I’ve transitioned out of the moto industry and ventured out as an entrepreneur. Even as I’ve entered new markets unrelated to motorcycles, Jeff has demonstrated the valued ability to learn and master the intricacies of market spaces he previously did not know. Solid competence combined with the ability to learn and perform is what every business owner is seeking. With Jeff, I believe you will find what you are looking for.