Increasing the “Number of People Saw Post” on Facebook


At Biker Pros we develop campaigns that increase sales and builds brand awareness. Most recently we delivered an increase in sales of 67% through an email, Facebook and blog campaign over the same timeframe as the previous year. Working the “Number of People Saw Post” on Facebook In our work on Facebook, it became apparent… Read more »

Why Facebook posts are Memorable?

Dr. Laura Mickes, of the Department of Psychology at the University of Warwick

Source: GizMag All articles by Antonio Pasolini The success of social networks such as Facebook may provide clues to the type of information the human mind tends to favor. New research suggests human memory prefers spontaneous writing favored by users communicating online to grammatically polished text found in edited material. This the gist of the… Read more »

New Ads at Facebook offer scale & social impact

Christopher Hosford Facebook Inc. this month took its biggest step yet in monetizing its operations and offering marketers dramatically new ways to reach their audiences. On March 1, the social giant debuted Premium on Facebook, an upgraded advertising option designed to extend the distribution of ads and ensure a greater number of impressions. It also… Read more »

Opps, My Facebook Account Got Pulled

Working Liquid Latex A client posted up some pictures from the Smoke Out’s Painted a Lady Contest on his Facebook Gallery page. Since this is a biker-related page, it contains numerous pictures of bikers, parties and women in various states of undress. Even though each picture of each model was clad in latex, it was… Read more »

Client News: Exhaust Q&A on FACEBOOK

Got a question about exhaust systems, fitment, construction, design, power, torque… Then check out Dandd Exhaust on Facebook. D&D answers your questions. They track import and American applications. If they have the answer, so will you. Check it out the next time you log on to facebook at Dandd Exhaust.

MySpace and Facebook: Pros and Cons

While advertising on social networking sites, MySpace and Facebook in particular, has become more commonplace, that doesn’t mean marketers have the medium figured out. JupiterResearch Report A recent report from New York-based market research firm JupiterResearch examines the pros and cons, as well as some misconceptions, of advertising on these two sites.