Part 5: Bikernet/Cycle Source Sweeps Build, Sponsored by Xpress

Learning Gas Tank Mods from the Mistress of Kustoms Inc. By Bandit with photos by Jules I’ve never had so much fun building a bike, and it’s not for me. This one-off custom, art object, long-run bobber, chopper, will be awarded to either a Cycles Source subscriber or a Bandit’s Cantina subscriber on There’s… Read more »

Rivera Primo Shifts the 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper into Gear

Win the XPress Lid Custom Chopper from & Cycle Source Magazine

Rivera Primo® is providing a PowerDrive™ 6 speed transmission for the Bikernet/Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper, sponsored by XPress Lid and Spectro Oil, which is being awarded at the Las Vegas Bikefest this fall.

The Rivera Primo® PowerDrive™ 6 speed transmission features a 2-year unlimited mileage replacement guarantee and the backing of almost 40 years of the best customer service in the industry. The softail-styled unit comes in polished, chrome or black wrinkle finish. Gear ratios are set at a close-ratio 2.94:1 first gear; second gear 2.21; third gear 1.60, fourth gear 1.23; fifth gear 1.00, 0.860:1 overdrive sixth gear, which means it pulls when you need it and delivers exception MPG when cruising.

We Got Your Choppa Right Here!

Smartcup has sponsored the build of a custom choppa that you can win from our partners at and Cycle Source Magazine. If you don’t win the chopper, you can win many fabulous prizes.

D&D Exhaust Provides a Custom Exhaust for the Bikernet/Cycle Source Giveaway Chopper, Sponsored by XPress Lid

Keith Ball, Capo of, announced today that D&D Performance Enterprises will provide a custom exhaust system for the Bikernet/Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper, sponsored by XPress Lid. Heading up the chopper assembly is Ron Harris of Chop Doc’s and Gary Maurer of Kustom’s Inc., utilizing the D&D muffler and header and then plumbing the pipe to fit the design of the XPress Lid Chopper.

Crazy Horse Comes On-board

John White, Owner of Crazy Horse Motorcycles, has decided to come on-board to provide a Crazy Horse V-Plus engine for the Giveaway Chopper that will be built on the pages of Cycle Source Magazine and