Ultimate Builder US Nationals Are Just Around the Corner

The 2013 J&P US Nationals Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show kicks off on Friday, February 15th. It’s for all the marbles as $14,000 in cash and $1,000 in prizes will be awarded.

US Nationals in INDY

US Nationals in INDY

The awards double in Indy

  • Freestyle – 1st Place Cash Prize: $5,000
  • Modified Harley – 1st Place Cash Prize: $3,000
  • Performance Custom – 1st Place Cash Prize: $2,000
  • Retro Mod – 1st Place Cash Prize: $2,000
  • Modified Street – 1st Place Cash Prize: $2,000

Award plaques will be given out to motorcycles finishing in second and third place in the five judged categories at the US Nationals.

Ultimate Builder US Nationals Registration

Registration is a simple 2 step process. [1] Register your bike and [2] Pay the entrance fee.

Competition Classes

The following are the class definitions for the 5 classes that we are hosting at our 13 round series.

    Free Style – Any motorcycle frame configuration or drivetrain combination. Your imagination is the only restriction. Must run and stop.

    Modified Harley – Must have Harley manufactured frame and engine cases. Frame must maintain stock configuration so modifications are limited to smoothing ie; molding welds and joints, welding in filler panels or cutting excess tabs. Swingarm kits and fat tire conversions are acceptable.

    Performance Custom – Race inspired styling with performance enhancing engine modifications. Any motorcycle frame configuration and drivetrain combination. Judging will be focused around drag racing ie; strtched out ‘Busa, Bonneville racers and highly modified sportbikes.

    Retro Mod – Any modified bike, with any drive train on any chassis configuration that is 25 years or older. Great class for older Harley’s where the frame was cut to rake or stretch as well as a class for Café Racers from the Ton-Up era.

    Modified Street Class – Must have Major OEM ie; Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Polaris, Triumph etc manufactured frame and engine cases. Harley is not allowed in this class. Frame must maintain stock configuration so neck may not be cut to rake or stretch. Designed for mild customs without frame configuration modifications and stretched swing arms. Cruisers are allowed to use hardtail sections.

Load-in for Indy

Details: We will use a ramp called referred to as J/K (for halls J & K I assume). It’s at the very end of the loading dock row at the convention center. The loading docks are reached off of West Street. The dock bays for the big trucks to use for IMS are 50-58 for reference. Friday loadin is from 9AM to 2PM, the show opens at 4PM.