Building Brand Awareness Through Imagery

Objective: Targeted Traffic
Technique: Wallpaper

One objective that we focus on is targeted traffic. By getting the motorcycle community to visit Brass Balls Bobbers we are able to increase brand awareness and affect sales of their Bobbers and Choppers.

Using Models
At Biker Pros we use the age old technique of including a model with the product. Research has shown that an attractive model will actually increase the perception that the product is more expensive, faster and more desirable.

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Biker Pros Begins V-Twin Business Podcast

Biker Pros has agreed to underwrite the new online V-Twin Business publication, an audio magazine for the motorcycle industry. The show brings in industry people to talk about their products and services and how their programs assist in revenue prodution.

Individuals from all facets of the marketplace wiegh in on the trends and issues of the day. Everything from a slowing economy to increased cost of gas is discussed.

The show starts production in September 2008. The first online commentator is industry icon Robin Hartfiel. Robin brings over 25 years of powersports experience and expertise to V-Twin Business. He will be podcasting his thoughts and detailing the latest trends in the industry.