Don’t Be a Stinker – Test Your Product

Passing the Sniff Test

By Roger Dooley

If you are going to introduce a product that incorporates fragrance or has a sent, don’t just assume that “Spring Mist” or “Tooled Leather” will be fine – test a number of alternatives on real consumers to see if one outperforms the rest.

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Building Brand Via Video

BikePros Taps the YouTube Platform

BikerPros produces video to assist our clients in building their brand and driving traffic to their site. In our research we have found that as long as the video is posted we see:

  • Daily video views
  • Traffic to client site

Your Watching Brass Balls Bobbers’ Military Bobber Vidcast

The following is a sampling of the video we produce on YouTube.


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Video Marketing

Top 10 Reasons To Use Video

The top 10 reasons to use video to market your organization boils down to increasing top line revenue. Video is one of the most persuasive mediums available today and when implemented correctly it will pay dividends.

    1. Drive site traffic
    2. Increase depth of visit
    3. Enhance user experience
    4. Boost conversion and ROI
    5. Turn customers into salespeople
    6. Stand out from the competition
    7. Encourage viral marketing
    8. Let users contribute content
    9. Track message effectiveness
    10. Harness the power of this emerging media

We work with our clients to increase their name recognition, improve their website performance and positively affect their sales. Call us @ 919-383-0500 to see what we can do for you.

MySpace and Facebook: Pros and Cons

While advertising on social networking sites, MySpace and Facebook in particular, has become more commonplace, that doesn’t mean marketers have the medium figured out.

JupiterResearch Report

A recent report from New York-based market research firm JupiterResearch examines the pros and cons, as well as some misconceptions, of advertising on these two sites.

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On Air: Robin Hartfiel

Robin Hartfiel, Editor of V-Twin News, talks about the state of the Powersports economy for September 2008. He just returned from the Yamaha Dealer Show and offers insight into what the dealers are experiencing.

On Air Now

Checkout his podcast at V-Twin Business Podcast.

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Online Banner Ads – Performance Analysis

If you are an online publisher making money off advertising, how do you decide which ad formats to display?

From: ABOUT.COM – Online Business / Hosting via Marketing Sherpa

Marketing Sherpa, a website specializing in online marketing, did some research on which IAB standard ad sizes got the highest click-through rates.

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Saddlemen Launches 2009 Website

BikerPros just completed the 2009 Saddlemen Website. Their line of seats, luggage, gel pads and accessories has a new home at

The all-new website displays Saddlemen’s complete product line-up, with detailed photos, features and pricing. Items are now searchable by product categories and visitors can also look up their specific bike model to see all the products made for it.

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Lessons In Green Marketing & How To Make Them Work

Roger Dooley

Marketing eco-friendly products isn’t as easy as it might seem, particularly if the products involve some kind of sacrifice or behavioral change on the part of the consumer. Take a look at one of the supposed eco-villains, the auto industry.

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Study: Baby Boomers Love Social Networks Too

By Steve Miller

The widely known maxim is that if parents like what the kids are listening to, it’s time for the kids to ditch that music and move on. So what happens when mom requests you as a friend on Facebook?

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Biker Pros Builds the Flying Chair

George Emmons Najar, Media Engineer for Biker Pros, designed and produced a video shooting chair for high-speed motorcycle passes and video shoots.

George Najar, Biker Pros Media Engineer, Shoots @ Bonneville
George Najar, Biker Pros Media Engineer, Shoots @ Bonneville

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