YouTube Goes Wide

youtube-logo52YouTube has now launched a bigger version of its video player.

“We’re expanding the width of the page to 960 pixels to better reflect the quality of the videos you create and the screens that you use to watch them,” says the YouTube Team. “This new, wider player is in a widescreen aspect ratio which we hope will provide you with a cleaner, more powerful viewing experience. And don’t worry, your 4:3 aspect ratio videos will play just fine in this new player.”

Cutting Deals With Hollywood Types
The decision to make the change is reportedly from feedback about things that users would like to change about the site indicated the need for a bigger size.

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Motorcycle Publicity – Using YouTube to Build Traffic to Your Website


YouTube is the #1 Video site on the web and it serves millions of videos. Google bought YouTube in October, 2006 for 1.65 billion in stock. And even though they spent a lot of Google dollars on it, the service is still free for you to make money with. How do you ask? By getting your target audience excited about your products and services and sending them to your website.

Our strategy is to utilize social networking sites like YouTube to increase the flow of targeted prospects our client’s website. We create engaging video that tells a story and provides a strong call to action.

At Biker Pros we shoot online vidcasts to assist in our publicity work. It’s another quiver in our bag of arrows to assist our Powersports clients in increasing their brand awareness, improving their online traffic numbers and providing greater top line revenue.

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Win A FREE Custom Motorcycle from Brass Balls Bobbers

Client: Brass Balls Bobbers
Service: Promoting the FREE Custom Bobber Giveaway
Action: Creating online promotions @ Bikernet, Cycle Source and other online news sites


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Leather Jackets That Kick Asphalt


Client: Torian Market
Service: Promoting Product @ Bikernet
Action: Creating a promo for Thursday’s News

Torian Chopper Leathers’ Genuine Riding Leathers

Torian builds jackets with inside security pockets, adjustable waist and hand warmer pockets that look good on and off the bike.

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D&D Builds Da’ BOSS Slip-Ons For 09 Touring Models

Client: D&D Performance Enterprises
Service: Bikernet Evaluation
Action: Introducing a new product at Bikernet 2 weeks before it is available. Driving telephone calls to the manufacturer.

Biker Pros’ Press Release Copy

Out from the Skunk Works at D&D Performance Enterprises comes a new set of slip-ons called the BOSS. These pipes address the issues where the 2009 pipes are not parallel to the frame and appear crooked.

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Brass Balls Bobbers Business Is Growing

Dallas’ Largest Reseller of Factory Custom and Custom Motorcycles Now Markets Brass Balls Bobbers


Client: Brass Balls Bobbers
Service: Press Release
Action: Promoting New Relationship in a Down Market

November 6, 2008 – Oklahoma City – Darwin Motorcycles signed Rick Fairless’ Strokers Dallas to carry the entire line of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers. The agreement was signed at the dealership during Strokers’ 13th Anniversary Party, which included three full days of live music, beer tub girls, cold beer, bikini bike wash, bikini contest and wet t-shirt contests. Continue reading “Brass Balls Bobbers Business Is Growing”