Biker Pros Signs Metzeler for Win the Military Bobber for the Troops Raffle

Win  Metzeler Tires
Win Metzelers by entering the Raffle

Biker Pros Awarded Troops Raffle

Biker Pros has been awarded the “Win the Military Bobber for the Troops Raffle” program from Brass Balls Bobbers. The firm has been engaged to set up the program and provide publicity. The publicity will include local and national media.

To keep our target audience engaged, Biker Pros has contacted potential sponsors to giveaway product during the 10 month campaign. Our first 2 firms to step up to the program includes Saddlemen and Metzeler. Details follow:

Biker Pros has put together a sponsorship campaign that includes:

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2009 Sturgis – Champions Park & AMD Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building

2009champUPDATEClick here for the 2009 AMD World Championship Results.

Heading into its 6th anniversary year, 2009 sees the AMD Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building once again bringing together an outstanding collection of the year’s best engineered custom bikes from around the world. With entries literally spanning the globe, the event showcases:

  • Outstanding talent
  • World-class design
  • The best in craftsmanship
  • Engineering excellence

The 2008 World Championship saw 68 of the best engineered custom motorcycles from 19 states and 12 countries compete in downtown Sturgis on Lazelle Street. This year the event is expecting to bring bikes from a record number of countries.

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Industry meeting @ Cincinnati

Special Report From K. Ball of Bikernet

Issue: Aftermarket motorcycle support group
Meeting: V-Twin Expo

Irvine, California, December 16, 2008: Keith R. Ball, President of met with Tim Buche, President of the MIC, Grady Phieffer, GH Marketing and Ted Sands of Performance Machine regarding the viability of an aftermarket motorcycle support group.

Recently during these tough economic times an opportunity surfaced to create a motorcycle aftermarket group under the umbrella of SEMA, the aftermarket industry group for the Hot Rod and automotive industry, which represents over 7,500 members.

“Timing is everything,” said Ball. “Years ago this was attempted, but the motorcycle
industry lacked a unified voice. Fortunately we still have this opportunity
to step up, band together and protect our industry through SEMA or the MIC.”

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Get Your Santa On

Santa's Little HelperThinking about getting something special for that significant person in your life? Well, let Torian Chopper Leathers fill the bill. Logon to TorianMarket to see the goodies our leather clad elves have been working on. Torian Chopper Leathers’ builds Genuine Riding Leathers for guys and gals that ride.

This Stuff is soft to the touch but wears like iron when you need it. Get your leather-clad gifts right here.

New Baker PowerBox Transmission

thedoctor2 Baker Transmission has a new tranny called the PowerBox.

It looks very cool so we got on the horn with Chad Beherndt, the engineer that designed the smooth shifter, to get the 411 on their latest and greatest. It’s all in Bikernet Studio, don’t miss the interview!

Biker Pros produces the show. You can hear the latest interviews for the movers and shakers every Thursday at Bikernet Studio.

Biker Pros Adds American Cycle Supply

acs Biker Pros has added American Cycle Supply to the list of companies that are tapping the firm for their publicity and promotional expertise.

Biker Pros will begin with an online campaign that will drive traffic to their e-commerce store located at It’s an online parts and accessories outlet that provides quality product at discounted prices.

Podcasting Means Business

podcastPodcasting 411 – Get the facts, a fast and easy way to influence your prospects & customers.

30 Million Are Podcasting
More than 30 million enthusiasts subscribe to podcasts. And that number is growing exponentially. No topic is too wild. In fact, whether you market navel oranges or navel rings, you can find your audience with a podcast. You can add exciting music. Digital photos. A big animated company logo. Colorful videos. Whatever it takes to get your message across. And besides, do you know how long it would take to call each person separately?

Podcasting is a means to publish audio and video content to the world via the Internet. Audiences are able to subscribe to their favorite shows and automatically receive the latest episodes in iTunes or similar client.

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