Digital Moto News Reports on Motorcycle Satisfaction

Digital Moto News
Digital Moto News
J.D. Power and Associates 2008 Motorcycle Competitive Information Study:

  • Good News: Overall satisfaction with the motorcycle ownership experience has increased for a sixth consecutive year to a record-high level.
  • Bad News: Industry continues to struggle with attracting younger, first-time motorcycle buyers

Read the 2008 J.D. Power and Associates Motorcycle Study.

Part 2: Dave Jansen of Combustion Cycles Takes 3rd in Sandblast Rally

Running The Sandblast
Running The Sandblast

Note: Biker Pros create the following article for D&D Performance Enterprises. It’s about a D&D Dealer, Combustion Cycles, that races with D&D products. Part 1 talks about the motorcycle build and Part 2 about the results. It will be run at Combustion Cycles, and selected blog sites.

Dave Jansen of Combustion Cycles takes his D&D Performance Enterprises sponsored Honda Transalp to 3rd in class at the 2009 Sandblast Rally located in South Carolina at the Sand Hills State Forest.

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D&D Stunt Riders Hit the Circuit with Fat Cat Pipes

D&D Stunters
D&D Stunters

Promoting D&D Pipes with Stunt Riders

    D&D sponsors a few stunt teams to promote their exhaust pipes. Biker Pros is promoting this affiliation through podcasts, stunt videos and press releases.
    – Jeffrey Najar, Partner

Jumpin’ Jeff Schneider and ILLConduct, push motorcycle stunt riding to new limits and provide cutting-edge shows, world record breaking events as well as appearances and exposure around the world.

In 2009 ILLConduct will be hitting the streets again, entertaining hundreds of thousands of fans on their Harley motorbikes sporting D&D Fat Cat pipes.

Stunt riders like D&D pipes because they not only look good, they increase performance, economy and throttle response. They deliver more bang for the buck on a stunt bike or your cruiser at home.

Take your performance to the next level with D&D Performance Exhaust.
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Biker Pros Sponsors Digital Moto News

Biker Pros Sponsors Digital Moto News
Biker Pros Sponsors Digital Moto News
Biker Pros sponsors Digital Moto News by providing technology and audio engineering support.

Digital Moto News is an on-line resource for firms involved in manufacturing, distributing, and selling products or services in the Powersports marketplace. Columnists offer insights through real-world, hands-on experience.

Digital Moto News is focused on heping businessmen and women build a better company and deliver improved bottomline revenue.

If you’re in the business of Powersports then throttle your mouse over to Digital Moto News.

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From Wired Magazine: A Motorcycle You Can’t Ride

Technology ramps up in Terminator Salvation with remote-controlled motorcycles dispatched by Skynet to destroy the humans.
Technology ramps up in Terminator Salvation with remote-controlled motorcycles dispatched by Skynet to destroy the humans.

In the future, your motorcycle drives itself!

Wired Magazine has reported on the Christian Bale’s upcoming Terminator Salvation flick. And among some very interesting technlogy is this wild “remote-controlled motorcycle dispatched by Skynet to destroy the humans.”

From the Director:

A.I. Meets Skynet: “Artificial intelligence was so foreign during the glory days of ’70s and ’80s science fiction -– Blade Runner, Alien, Terminator,” Mc G said. “In this day and age, it’s here! You spell a word wrong on your BlackBerry, it spells it right for you. You got a bad knee, they put a titanium one in there. If you’re depressed, we’re not going to talk about your mom and dad, we’re going to manipulate your serotonin re-uptake inhibitor and you’re going to feel better in two weeks. I’ve always loved stories about ‘That which makes us great will be our undoing.'”

Torian Race Jacket – Old School Leather Warrior

Race Jacket on Sale Now
Race Jacket on Sale Now

Race Jacket – Old School Cool

The Race Jacket is designed to look good for years. Built with heavy duty leather and zippers. After a years worth of use… still looks good. If you are looking for a jacket that will stay with you as long as you are riding, then this one is it.

A traditional styled race jacket featuring 4 external and 3 inside pockets. An inside security-zipper pocket keeps your valuables safe… all for just $199, a 35+% savings.

NOTE: Designed with a generous fit… this allows you to wear layers while you ride. Ideal for Chopper Jockeys, Bobber riders and backyard builders.

The Torian Race Jacket is made from the finest hand-selected naked cowhide. (Actually, it is the best leather that is currently available) This provides a supple feel and instills a quality that will provide years of protection while maintaining its good looks.

Get your jacket today and get ready to ride… A Torian Race Jacket comes with free shipping. Get more details here.
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It’s Good to be Italian

Let's Go Motoring
Let's Go Motoring
The Italian Government has a stimulus package that is worth a few pizzas. It is offering €500 ($640) to anyone who replaces a Euro 0 or Euro 1 emissions class motorcycle or scooter with a new Euro 3 emissions class vehicle under 400cc.

It is to early to tell if it will get the Italian economy rolling again as new registrations of two-wheelers in january fell by 38.8 percent compared to the previous year.

ANCMA, the Italian association representing motorcycle manufacturers, importers and the linked industry, reported a 38.6 percent drop in scooter sales, a 35.4 percent drop in motorcycle sales and a 43.6 percent drop in moped (sub 50cc) sales.
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Thunderbirds Flys into Dealer Showrooms 2 Mo. Early

New Triumph Thunderbird
New Triumph Thunderbird
Triumph’s new cruiser to arrive earlier than expected

Triumph’s new cruiser, the Thunderbird, will arrive in dealer showrooms sooner than expected, the company said.

Triumph said the cruisers should arrive in North American by late June, two months ahead of the initial timeline… The bike features a new, 1600cc parallel twin engine with a six-speed transmission, belt drive (the first on a Triumph) and a 200mm rear tire.

See It in Daytona
Triumph is making four prototype Thunderbirds available at Daytona Bike Week for display at the Triumph Demo Truck, which will be located at Daytona International Speedway.

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