Chris Carr Signs with D&D
Chris Carr Signs with D&D

D&D Sponsors Chris Carr Racing in 2009 – Being a 7-Time AMA Pro Grand National Champion with 78 wins in the series can bring a lot of pressure to a rider. And starting the season with a new racebike and a new manufacturer can ratchet that pressure up further.

In 2009 Carr begins his singles program with a new high-performance 450cc Honda. D&D Performance Enterprises stepped in with sponsorship by building a series of special race-tuned exhaust systems for his motorbikes.

These pipes are designed to modify torque and horsepower at different parts of the powerband. That allows Kenny Tolbert, Crew Chief, to custom fit the racebike to the track conditions.

And that eases the pressure of Carr thinking about his racebike performance and more on his competitors. For more on Chris Carr or D&D Performance Exhausts, pin the throttle on your mouse to

25 Ways To Recession-Proof Your Business

While there is no such thing as the perfect marketing plan, there are some things you can do to continue growing, even during a sluggish economy. Instead of throwing your hard-earned profits away on expensive display ads, implement as many of these 25 recession-proofing tips as possible and watch your sales grow overnight.

Tip #1 – Work Your Past & Current Customer Lists: Depending on your business, it cost you tens to hundreds of dollars for each of the names on your customer list. Combine this with the fact that the easiest sales you can make are those to your past customers, and this tip alone can help you get more sales today.

Get the next 24 tips.

$10 Could Put A Bobber in Your Garage

Support The Troops Raffle

Support the Troops
Support the Troops

Dar Holdsworth, Brass Balls Bobbers’ BossMan, has something special for all the motorcycle enthusiasts… A chance to win a $30,000 custom Brass Balls Bobbers’ sled for just $10. Click here to get your raffle ticket.

It is the least expensive way to put a custom motorcycle in your garage.

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SEMA Update From Iron Works Magazine

Letter To Pres
Letter To Pres

SEMA , Specialty Equipment Market Association, has sent a letter to President Obama expressing its continuing opposition to the governments “cash for clunkers” program. It supports the government giving out vouchers so people can afford to buy newer automobiles.

Buying newer cars would help the struggling auto industry plus the newer cars are more fuel efficient so that would lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

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Meet Kara Lenae, The MC @ Smoke Out

BIKERNET AUDIO INTERVIEWKara Lenae Foot Ball Player & Smoke Out Host

MC @ Smoke Out
MC @ Smoke Out
The Smoke Out knows how to swing. Kara Lenae is the MC for Smoke Out East & Smoke Out West. The red head takes care of announcing, topless bike wash, drag race runs, reports on the roller derby and so much more. She recently was interviewed in Bikernet Studio.

Get all the details at the Smoke Out Rally.

Kara is a professional model based in Phoenix, Arizona. She traveles to Los Angeles and Vegas for most of her assignments and was selected out of 200 girls to play in the 2008 Lingerie Bowl, starred in Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E, and graced the cover of Biker Beauties and The Horse Backstreet Chopper.

She gets her red hair from her father, who Irish and English and her tan skin from her mother, who is American Indian.

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Bobber 101 from Brass Balls Bobbers

Bob Jobs
Bob Jobs
    Note: The following is an article written by Biker Pros for Brass Balls Bobbers. It’s designed to educate and inform enthusiasts about the history of Bobbers as well as Brass Balls’ new Model 1 motorbike. It’s runnng at Cycle Source, Brass Balls Bobbers & Bikernet

On a scale of 1 to 10, vintage bobbers have a cool factor of 10 and a reliability factor of 3. That is where Brass Balls Bobbers’ Model 1 steps in… it’s got the street cred of the traditional motorbike combined with current technology that delivers miles of effortless riding.

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Digital Moto News Reports on the Lingerie Bowl

Digital Moto News
Digital Moto News
Girls With Anger Issues Suit Up

Biker Babe, Smoke Out MC and outside linebacker, Kara Lenae #8, talks about mixing it up on the gridiron. Meet Kara and listen to her interview.

American marketers pay a seven-figure fees annually to advertise within the Lingerie Bowl. Past marketers have included Daimler/Chrysler, Miller Brewing, Universal Pictures, Vivendi Games, Dodge, and Oakley.

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Motorcycle Chrome to be Banned by January 1, 2010!

Wednesday April 1, 2009 – Report by Basem Wasef of ABOUT: Motorcycles

Running The Sandblast
Motorcycle Chrome to be Banned

The Issue of Motorcycle Chrome – In an unprecedented move that has put the motorcycle industry on alert, the Department of Transportation has passed a bill that intends to outlaw “chrome finishes that cover any engine, frame, or headlight assembly on new motorcycles.”*

“Chrome is the silent killer,” asserts DOT spokesman Melvin P. Meyers, “and if we can rid motorcycles– especially cruisers– of the shiny chrome that distracts motorists and causes accidents, our roads will be a safer place.”

Last year, Meyers earned the respect and bafflement of sportbike enthusiasts when he tried to pass an amendment that would have legalized wheelies, and the move to eliminate chrome has led one motorcycle advocacy group to proclaim that, “[Meyers] is not only trying to undermine the cruiser business, he’s also a closet crotch rocket junky who harbors a deep desire to see only sportbikes on public roads.”

FROM: Basem Wasef, Guide to Motorcycles …. Happy April Fools!