Torian Leather Father’s Day Sale


Father's Day Sale
Father's Day Sale

ONLY All Leather Dickies® Style Work Jacket – ONLY $167 for a $328 jacket! Looks great on and off the bike… It is an old school design that is cool and never goes out of style.

It’s designed after the popular Dickies® work jacket with special features for added comfort & utility when riding.


– 2 hand warmer pockets
– 3 inside pockets
– Snap down collar
– Adjustable waist

All of our leather jackets are made from the finest naked cowhide for a supple feel and quality that will provide years of protection while maintaining it’s good looks. More details here.


Bikernet Studio Coming Hard
Bikernet Studio Coming Hard

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Dave Rash, The Pope of Pipe of D&D Exhaust, and Keith Ball, aka Bandit, talk scooters, noise and bid’ness.

We catch up with the guys in early May 2009. The economy is going through gyrations and new bike sales are down but accessories sales are steady.

The Pope has just released some new Bagger and XR1200 pipes and they are flying off the shelves.


Runaway Best Seller
Runaway Best Seller

The Right Bobber @ the Right Time

Brass Balls’ Model 1 is the runaway best seller for the firm in 2009. Since the introduction in February of this year the backlog of orders has steadily grown.

The press has taken notice of the old-school design, which is wrapped in a flat black tuxedo that is available at just $15,995. Not only is the motorbike exclusive… the owner gets the best components… Baker Drivetrain, D&D reverse megaphone exhaust, custom hand-built frame, bullet-proof EVO engine, Wilwood brakes, Metzeler donuts and Tauer machine primary.

Check out the firm’s latest Digger or go the Flickr gallery to see the Model 1 photographs.

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Bikernet Studio: Shifting Gears with Bandit & Bert Baker

Bert Baker in Gangsta Mode
Bert Baker Channeling his Inner Primary

Bert talks about his recent deal with Dar Holdsworth at Brass Balls Bobbers. The firm now runs BAKER exclusively on all of their motorbikes.

Bandit shifts gears and spends some time on his latest build up at Bikernet as well as the DD6, the new unit for Softail, FXR, FLT, or Dyna riders who rack up the highway miles.

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Chris Callen of Cycle Source Talks Big Mtn Run

The Big Mountain Run In Bikernet Studio

Chris Callen, Editor of Cycle Source, talks about the Cycle Source Magazine and the Limpnickie Lot Builders’ Big Mountain Run.

The Big Mountain Run 2009 kicks off on June 18th, 19th and 20th. Just $10 day pass. The gypsy run starts at Tilley’s Harley-Davidson on Wednesday June 17th in Statesville, NC. Main site reservations are being limited to the first 2,000 people.

Call Taber at Nash 360-693-4225 for details.

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Spectro Named the Official Oil


May 21, 2009, Oklahoma City, OK – Darwin Motorcycles, manufacturer of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers, today announced a partnership with Spectro Performance Oils. The race-inspired Bobber and Chopper manufacturer has named Spectro their brand of choice for all of their motorcycle lubricant needs.

Every Brass Balls Bobbers’ motorcycle will roll off the assembly floor with synthetic Spectro HD 20w50 Engine Lubricant in one of three bullet-proof engines including the Crazy Horse V-Plus, Harley-Davidson EVO or the S&S mill.

Spectro HD Platinum 75w140 transmission oil will ride in the Baker Drivetrain transmission, which is standard in all Brass Balls motorbikes.

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Smoke Out 10 Photos From D&D

Smoke Out Bettys
Smoke Out Bettys

Smoke Out Rally

Biker Pros shot the Smoke Out 10 EAST Rally for D&D Performance Enterprises. (

This was the 10th Anniversary Smoke Out and one of the best attended and the most entertaining chopper event ever.

Everything came together at “The Rock”. The event included bands, a chop off, XS Speed’s mini-bike races (super-hero costume required), roller derby, vendors, drag racing, beer, babes and gears.

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D&D Social Media Protocol

Company Promotion

Promoting D&D Through Social Media
Promoting D&D Through Social Media

The following is the social media protocol that we have started with D&D Performance Enterprises.

We have started with their website content to educate and engage their prospects. As we move forward the content will be provided by clients and prospects.

Biker Pros is a hybrid publicity company that combines standard pr with online promotion techniques designed to increase brand awareness and improve leads and sales.

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Nu 1 D&D Video

At Biker Pros we employ an overall strategy to drive traffic to our client sites. One tactic that we employ is digital video.

We create engaging video that tells a story and delivers a sales message. The following video is a successful one. It has been viewed over 80,000 times.


We also love music that opens the show.

12% increase in HP on XR1200 Bob Cat Pipe

New XR 1200 Exhaust Pipe from D&D
New XR 1200 Exhaust Pipe from D&D

NEW 2-1 Bobcat for the 2009 XR1200 – Improve tone and pump out the power by as much as 12% increase in horsepower and torque.

D&D’s New Concentric Flow Baffle System
The Bob Cat is the first D&D pipe to utilize our new Concentric Flow Baffle System technology. It delivers reduced noise, performance improvement and the enhanced tone of the Harley-rumble.

The Bob Cat is the perfect aftermarket exhaust trifecta.
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