FLT / FLH Bagger 2 into 1 D&D Boss Fat Cat PipesDo you feel that you are living in a Black & White world? Is everything just a little drab? Do you need a little excitement, Bunkie?

If you said yes to any of these questions then you should be thinking D&D Performance Exhaust.

D&D builds exhaust pipes that not only look good but will plaster a grin on your face with added horsepower and torque. D&D has the answer for that hitch in your get-a-long. 

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Client News: Over 14,000 Listen to Dar Talk Tattoo Bike

One of the most watched Bikernet TV videos is from an interview conducted by Bob Kay where Dar is talking about the original company bike known as the Tattoo Digger.


This bike was the poster child of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers of style and innovation for many years. Bob Kay, Partner at Biker Pros, jumps in for Bikernet TV to conduct the interview. Hear and see more interviews at


Hey, Get Out & Ride
Hey, Get Out & Ride

June 15th is RIde To WOrk DAy.

Hey, Get Out & Ride… The Planet Said it Was Okey!

In many parts of the country, particularly those with vibrant local economies, automotive ‘gridlock’ is rapidly becoming an unattractive fact of life. This is due to the greatly increased use of single-occupancy automobiles. Increases in automobile usage cannot be sustained without consequences, and this sentiment is beginning to have some resonance among the general public.

An objective analysis of the potential benefits of increased use of motorcycles will reveal that they are an underutilized solution, and that their value as a source of congestion relief is being largely ignored.

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You Know You’re a Girlfriend, Wife of a Racer When…

Racer Girlz

Editor’s Note: We like racing because racers and the team around them influence buying decisions. Marianne Guarena crews on her boyfriends race team (Shawn Higbee) and is into action sports. Check out her blog here.

This is a fun 52 entry list…

You Know You’re A RoadRacer’s Girlfriend/Fiancé/Wife/Significant other When…

1. You can change out a shock in a racebike.

2. You have picked up their leathers and team shirts from their sponsors, and are now wanting custom leathers of your own.

3. You know what DZUS clips are.

4. You know the AMA rules and guidelines for each class and regularly monitor any last minute supplemental regulations.

5. You actually have been an umbrella girl even though you swore you’d never do it.

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Client News: Help Bikernet & Brass Balls Support Returning Vets

Help Our Returning Vets
Help Our Returning Vets
Help Bikernet & Brass Balls Bobbers support the returning vets that have sustained head injuries.

Brass Balls is raffling off the Military Bobber with the proceeds going to the Intrepid Fallen Heros Fund. For just three Starbucks you could put a custom Digger motorcycle in your living room!

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Wall 2 Wall Biker Programming
Wall 2 Wall Biker Programming

There claim to fame is the new concept introduced at the Laughlin River Run… 2 for 1 – you can have two motorcycles for the price of one.

They have 1 running gear and two body kits that interchange on the rolling frame, complete with two different looks, for the price of one, and if you read OCC pricing , you can have five motorcycles for the price one of there bikes.

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Client News: Exhaust Q&A on FACEBOOK

Exhaust Q&A Now on Facebook
Exhaust Q&A Now on Facebook

Got a question about exhaust systems, fitment, construction, design, power, torque… Then check out Dandd Exhaust on Facebook. D&D answers your questions.

They track import and American applications. If they have the answer, so will you. Check it out the next time you log on to facebook at Dandd Exhaust.

Client News: Adam Lynch, USMC, American Gladiator

Adam Lynch, USMC

It all started in Afghanistan…

Adam Lynch, USMC, headed to Brass Balls HQ in Oklahoma City, OK on May 11th to pick up his new custom-production Digger. While there he joined the Smoke Out Long Road party that had just rolled in from Smoke Out West.

With the evening air filled with the Jasmine Cain Band’s rock and roll hitting like waves from the sea, Lynch shook down his new custom bike and declared it ready to rubble.

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