CLIENT NEWS: Bobber Babe Helping the Little Oklahoma Bobber Co.

69 Chopper
New Brass Balls Bobber Babe

The Little Chopper Shop has a Star that is Rising

Dar Holdsworth, BossMan of Brass Balls Choppers & Bobbers, has added a new Bobber Babe, Emylee. She replaces their first Chopper Chick, Megan.

For the next year Emylee will not just be smiling in front of the camera, she will be showcasing new products for Brass Balls including parts, accessories and motorcycles. She presents an all American girl image that really sets off the motorcycle she is on.

Horsepower Marketing’s Evaluation
Monthly we track the activity of Brass Balls Choppers & Bobbers and it is of no surprise that Chopper Jockeys are finding Emylee to be popular on their website.

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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Running on the Salt
Running on the Salt

Something Special

I love this pic… It’s at Bonneville and it has two universal interests… Speed & Sex.

It’s what makes the marketing world go around. It captures your imagination and allows you to create your own story. The racer, the girl, the machine… what’s going on? Also, you wonder if she is shading herself until you see the shadow.

We found the picture over at Sideburn Magazine. It’s seems that GQ Italy liked it too.

Roy Critchlow got in touch a few weeks ago to say he had some great shots of his friend Shinya Kimura racing at Bonneville on a Harley he built for a customer. He asked if I knew anyone who’d run a story. It turns out Michele at GQ Italy loves the photos as much as I did and the story is in the magazine.

So at Biker Pros we are constantly looking for images that solicites an emotion to help tell stories about our client’s products and services.

The Blast Was an Early Indicator

2010 Buel BlastThe Writing on the Wall

When Buell blasted the Blast they said it was about realigning their product offering. But now we know that it was about the Blast not selling. Because this is corporate America… You know, where Banks give bonuses after receiving bailout money.

Also, after talking with some of the employees of Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach, Fla during Biketoberfest they suggested that the new head of Harley, Keith Wandell, President and Chief Executive Officer, is a slash and burn guy from Johnson Controls Inc. They also suggested that closing of Buell, selling of MV Agusta and the elimination of financing of all non-Harley motorcycles is inline with his past actions.

This suggests that there is a lot of fat at Harley-Davidson and that their will be more pruning in the future.
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Customer Imagery

Biker Pros works with our customer’s customer to solicit product pictures. This allows us to showcase the usage of the product and often times we can promote the brand through online releases, updates and RSS feeds. The following comes from Joseph Major. We utilized his information at, Flickr and Cycle Source Magazine.

The Update

Harley-Davidson’s V-Rod draws its power from a Porsche designed 1130 cc DOHC, eight-valve Revolution V-Twin, liquid-cooled motor with electronic sequential port fuel injection.

Thank You Erik Buell

An emotional and visibly exhausted Erik Buell reports on the end of Buell Motorcycles (see video below).

A Message from Erik Buell:

“I want to personally thank all our past and present Buell employees, dealers and suppliers for their efforts. I also want to thank Buell motorcycle owners for their support and passion for the brand.”


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My New Hero From Michigan

Trish @ Biketoberfest
Trish @ Biketoberfest
While in Daytona Beach at the Broken Spoke Saloon listening to the Foghat Concert and working on the giveaway Military Bobber for Brass Balls Bobbers, I ran into Trish, the Marketing Director from Baker Drivetrain. The Haslett, MI firm was in town installing Baker transmissions at the Daytona Speedway.

Latricia ‘Trish’ Horstman has been with Baker since November 2005 as Art Director and assumed the Marketing Director position in August 2008 when Anthony ‘Scout’ Underwood left the firm.

Trish is a Hero

You can imagine that being from Michigan can be a depressing place in this challenging economic time. Even so, Trish is the Marketing Director for Baker, runs a Tattoo Shop, is a member of the Garage Girls and is starting a new female-oriented magazine that focuses on mechanics, tattoos, skating and music. The new magazine will be out four times a year and she is currently working on the first issue and locking down distribution.

Trish is my hero because she is engaged, committed and delivering outstanding work. It is a joy to be around individuals that are so into their projects. I’m looking forward to seeing her first edition of her magazine.
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2009 Biketoberfest

Everyone Loves the Military Bobber

Aeromach USA and Brass Balls Bobbers were appearing at the 2009 edition of Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, FLA so on Thursday morning I loaded up the 07 Nightster and dropped the hammer for a 570 mile run to the ocean.

As I was leaving Durham, NC the weather that spewed rain and snow across the Midwest moved in and kept me company from Durham, NC to Savannah, Ga. Needless to say, after many hours on the road with multiple stops for heat replenishing coffee, my leg was cramping, my knee was popping and my head decided it was time for a sinus headache.

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The Rule of High School

schoolbusFrom SethGodin’s Blog

The Rule of High School

Any sufficiently overheated industry will eventually resemble high school. High school is filled with insecurity, social climbing, backbiting, false friends, faux achievements, high drama and not much content. Much of this insecurity comes from a market that doesn’t make good judgments, that doesn’t understand how to reliably choose between alternatives. So it turns into a popularity contest.

  • As Tom Hanks reportedly said, “Hollywood is like high school, but with money.”
  • Or the fashion magazine industry, which is high school but with more makeup.
  • Add to that the Internet, which is like high school but with a modem.
  • Or Twitter, which is high school but only 140 characters at a time.

As in high school, the winners are the ones who don’t take it too seriously and understand what they’re trying to accomplish. Get stuck in the never ending drama (worrying about what irrelevant people think) and you’ll never get anything done. The only thing worse than coming in second place in the race for student council president is… winning.

Our Latest Social Media Press Release

Social Media Release
Social Media Release

All the Media in One Location
Biker Pros developed the Social Media press release as a means to increase the engagement of the press. It’s designed for easy access to audio, video, photography and text. Click here to see the webpage edition of the release.

Release Details
We compiled all the content about the 2010 Model 1 motorcycle from Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers in one release and in one website page. The media elements include videos, podcasts, photographys, testimonials, Bikernet Studio interviews as well as lins to Facebook and Twitter. In addition, we have one page on Delicious with everything Model 1.

Utilizing Constant Contact
Biker Pros utilzes Constant Contact to deliver our Social Media press release.

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YouTube Catches McDonalds… Over 1 Billion Videos Served

YouTube Now Serves Over 1 Billion Videos Daily

The three-year old YouTube says they’ve now passed the 1 billion per day mark.

Previously, comScore, a marketing research company that provides marketing data and services to many of the Internet’s largest businesses, had reported numbers for their U.S. market to be in the neighborhood of 10 million videos watched per month, however, YouTube released their own figures which also include global totals.