Light Box Build for Aeromach USA

Bikernet Hipster Bag
Automatic Light Box

Building Solutions for Clients

Media Engineer, George Emmons Najar, built a light box for photography work on the Aeromach USA account.

It’s designed for large accessories and includes an automatic turntable that rotates 360 degrees. This reduces set up and positioning time and provides for a greater degree of photographic selections.

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No, Everything is Not Going to be Okay

It’s natural to seek reassurance. Most of us want to believe that the choices we make will work out, that everything will be okay.

Artists and those that launch the untested, the new and the emotional (and I’d put marketers into all of these categories) wrestle with this need all the time. How can we proceed knowing that there’s a good chance that our actions will fail, that things might get worse, that everything won’t end up okay? In search of solace, we seek reassurance.
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Plastic Logic’s New Que Business E-Reader

Plastic Logic’s Que e-reader has executive touch

Several big-name newspapers, magazines, and blogs teamed with Plastic Logic on Thursday to support its effort to establish its new e-reader, called Que, as the first such device for business professionals. Barnes & Noble will carry the Que in its stores.

… Excerpts from the Brier Dudley and Microsoft blogs

Plastic Logic’s Que electronic reader is billed as a “paperless briefcase” aimed at executives and business travelers. Segmentation of the electronic book market has begun in earnest with the arrival of the Que, a reader aimed at executives and business travelers.

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USA TODAY: China Calls in Madison Avenue

BEIJING — Tainted toothpaste, drugged catfish, lead-painted Elmos, poison pet food.

Scandals involving Chinese-made products have ordinary people here worried that a bad reputation threatens to derail their status as No. 1 exporter in the world.

So what to do? Call in Madison Avenue.

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