Indoor Smoke Out with the Smoke Out Long Riders

The Smoke Out Long Road riders hopped on a sled to do a few burnouts at The Wheels Through Time Museum. To see photos of the world’s premier collection of rare American Vintage Motorycles and follow along with Long Road riders Bob Kay of Biker Pros and Dar Holdsworth of Brass Balls Bobbers… Click Here.

About Wheels Through Time Museum
This All-American motorcycle museum houses over 300 of America’s rarest and most historic classic motorcycles, with over 24 marques on display, including the likes of Harley-Davidson, Indian, Excelsior, Crocker, Henderson, and much more.

Western North Carolina’s premier museum and tourism attraction features dozens of motorcycle-related exhibits, ranging from board track racers, hillclimbing, and original paint machines to American Dirt Track racing, choppers and bobbers, and one-of-a-kind motorcycles.

Some Hot Sauce From the 5-Ball Team

5-Ball Hot Sauces
5-Ball Hot Sauce

Developed by award winning Texas Hot Sauce Cooker, 5-Ball Hot Sauces come in two distinct flavors, Habanero and Jalapeno.

No, they’re not blister hot, just terrific flavors for your favorite meats. So make sure you have your 5-Ball Habanero & Jalapeno Hot Sauce -They are cool and a great conversation piece.

Get em while there hot.

Bob Kay Heads To Smoke Out Party

Bob Kay is heading to Brass Balls Bobbers for the Smoke Out party. He will be heading East on Monday on the Long Road & Smoke Out East. Kay will be sending updates from the road.

Follow along with the party, long road and SMoke Out East.

SEMINAR: Robin Hartfiel @ Bikernet Seminar

Robin Hartfiel on Get It Done in 2010 SeminarRobin Hartfiel and Eric Anderson on Robin’s CZs out in the desert.

Robin is on the Get It Done in 2010 Seminar. He is a PR Flack & Magazine Hack. He has been there and done that or knows who did it.

Listen to Bob Kay & Robin Hartfiel on the Biker Pros Podcast.

Each month Biker Pros hosts a teleconference with executives that are in and out of the Powersports marketplace.

Robin Hartfiel Resume

PODCAST: SS Trikes @ AMD World Championship

Custom Bike Building

Listen to Sarah Donnell & Jason Nieman on the AMD World Champs Podcast.

Builder Jason Nieman is entered in the Production Class at the World Championships and will be competing for the gold with other storied manufacturers like Brass Balls Bobbers and Choppers, OCC Motorcycles, Big Bear Choppers and Big Dog Motorcycles just to name a few.

PODCAST: Paul Aiken on 50,000 Watt Flamethrower – Bikernet Studio

Hear Paul Aiken @ Bikernet Studio

Custom Bike Building

Paul Aiken talks about the latest products from Aeromach USA. All Aeromach products are Made in the USA.

Listen to Sarah Donnell & Paul Aiken on the Bikernet Studio Podcast.

Aeromach manufactures billet motorcycle accessories including mirrors, levers, risers, grips and fork bullets.

Ride To Work – Show Your Commitment

Ride To Work

3rd Monday in June

On Ride To Work Day, the practical side of riding becomes more visible as a larger number of America’s 8 million cycles and scooters are ridden to work.

According to the United States Census Bureau and the Department of Transportation, over 80 million cars and light trucks are used for daily commuting on American roads, and about 200,000 motorcycles and scooters are a regular part of this mix.

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Harley Seeks Younger Audience At Bonnaroo

By Jonathan Welsh

Wall Street Journal Blog

Harley-Davidson wants its edge back. After decades of catering to old guys cruising on big bikes, the motorcycle maker is pursuing younger riders where they live, work and play. This week Harley is going to the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tenn.

When the event gets going tomorrow Harley will offer concertgoers the ”Thrill of the Throttle” by riding one of its bikes on a stationary setup – kind of like a treadmill. Riders can rev the engine and shift through the gears without going anywhere or risking a crash. The bike maker’s large tent will be full of bikes, biker merchandise and of course, company marketers.

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PODCAST: Dar Holdsworth @ Bikernet Studio

Hear Dar Holdsworth @ Bikernet Studio

Brass Balls BossMan, Dar Holdsworth, is riding into Sturgis with 2 custom-production motorcycles for the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Bossman talks about his latest two-wheel jewel… The Brawler. Hear Dar Holdsworth on Bikernet Studio

Steve Jobs: The PC is Dying, long live the Tablet

The Hindu

Apple CEO Steve Jobs

AP Apple CEO Steve Jobs

The prophet has spoken, and his words provide both hope and fear to the computer world.

In front of a rapt audience of tech executives at an industry conference on Tuesday night, Apple maestro Steve Jobs predicted the end of the PC era.

And what will replace the device that has transformed every aspect of business and society over the past 25 years? Well, it just so happens that Jobs believes the next phase of the computer revolution will be dominated by a device that looks a lot like the iPad tablet he introduced so successfully two months ago.

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