D&D Rider, JD Beach, Takes Pro Win @ Indy

D&D Takes 1st in the Pro and 2nd in the Grand National

Roadracer JD Beach won the singles “Pro” race at the Indy Mile on D&D Performance Race Exhaust.

One of the most successful and popular 18 year old motorcycle racers, J. D. Beach rides on a variety of different types of disciplines and J.D. displayed his considerable talents during the AMA Pro Flat Track racing Indy Mile.

When not flat tracking, J.D. recently clinched the AMA Pro SuperSport Young Gun East Divisional Championship by winning for the seventh time in 2010 on his Rockwall Engineering Yamaha.

Chris Carr Takes 2nd @ 2010 Indy Mile


Each year the AMA rolls out the red carpet and showcases the greatest spectacle in dirt as part of the Red Bull MotoGP weekend. It was no different this year as D&D’s racer, Chris Carr, took 2nd at the 2010 Legendary Lucas Oil Indy Mile Ama Pro Flat Track race in front of a packed crowd. Carr diced with eventual winner and Kawasaki-mounted Bryan Smith.

The 22 minute affair ran for 25 laps with Carr taking an early lead. A red flag was issued on the third lap because of a rider dismount in the third turn.

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The 2011 Rocketeer Debuts @ 2010 Sturgis

2011 Model Introduction - Brass Balls Bobbers' Rocketeer

The Rocketeer Debuts At AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building

Our newly designed and hand-fabricated gas tank embodies the central theme of the 2011 Rocketeer. The introduction of the bike kicked off at the 2010 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. The Rocketeer takes several design cues from the 1930’s and 40’s and integrates them into a tight Digger Bobber, which delivers a fresh interpretation on the classic bobber.

Classic looks combined with cutting-edge American components provides a motorcycle platform that delivers outstanding performance, reliability and the elusive WOW factor.
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VIDEO: JUSTIN GURNEY Talks about the Alligator

When the first handmade production ALLIGATOR motorcycles hit the streets, they will include elements of a true American heritage. Dan Gurney ALLIGATOR Motorcycles Inc. plans to build 36 Limited Edition ‘Grand Prix’ ALLIGATORS to sell to the public as they introduce a unique concept to the industry; combining nostalgia with 21st century technology.


Dan Gurney Alligator Motorcycles, Inc.
Corporate Offices:
2334 S. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92707-0186
Tel. (714)540-1771 Fax: (714)540-3749
Email: aarpr@aarinc.com

Brass Balls Take 2nd in the Worlds

Darwin Motorcycles’ custom production Brawler GT3 took 2nd place at the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building during the 70th annual edition of the Sturgis Rally. The production class produced the strongest competition to date and Team Brass Balls came in 2nd with the Brawler and 4th with the Rocketeer.