VIDEO: Russia Interview – Fine Custom Mechanics

AMD World Championship interview with Fine Custom Mechanics out of Moscow, Russian Federation –

Bike Name: Moscow
Builders Name: Sergey Maltsev

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PODCAST: Rick Fairless Reveals his Mammary Issues on Bikernet Radio

Rick Fairless of Strokers

Rick Fairless has a mammary problem. Girls drop their tops and his mom feels up the wet t-shirt contestants. With Rick, it’s all in a days work. Listen to his latest exploits on Bikernet Radio sponsored by Biker Pros.

Rick also has a new TV project. The reviews of Ma’s Roadhouse TV Show are through the roof. Watch Mom, Rick, Sue, Lena, and the Strokers Gang every Wednesday at 8pm on TruTV.

Piaggio’s Timoni says basic transportation is the next sales niche

Head over heart: Piaggio Group’s Paolo Timoni calls practicality key to next motorcycle sales niche

Publish date: Sep 20, 2010
By: Bruce Steever
Source: Dealernews

One of the problems that the U.S. motorcycle industry has faced in recent years is the increasingly niche focus of new models. By specializing on a specific market, a manufacturer can earn new sales. But what happens once everyone who wanted a high-spec, large-displacement supermoto (with ABS and shaft drive) has bought one? In these lean times, it makes more sense to sell models with a broad appeal to attract a wider audience.

Paolo Timoni, president of Piaggio Group Americas, understands this point well. Last year he challenged the industry, the mainstream press and consumers alike to look at motorcycles and scooters as a viable option for daily transportation.
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PRO1 CYCLE Interview

AMD World Championship Interview – Kevin Persons, owner of PRO1 CYCLE, is committed to the preservation and joy of the sport of motorcycling. PRO1 CYCLE is dedicated to the development and implementation of cutting edge technology.


PRO1 CYCLE944 E. Emmett St.
Battle Creek Michigan 49014


Puro Chingon Custom Choppers’ “La Joya del Desierto” by Gabriel Solis… The bike, built by Gabriel Solis Castillo on a heavily modified Redneck frame, features a modified 1965 Harley ‘Pan/Shovel’ combination hybrid engine and modified Kiwi Indian leaf spring front-end.
The bike, ‘La Joya del Desierto’ (Jewel of the Desert) is a celebration of the colors, landscape and riding experience of the desert region in which it was based.
1966 – The first of the “Shovelhead” engines is introduced on the Electra-Glide models, replacing the Panhead.

More good stuff in Bikernet Studio.

9 Consumer Macro Trends – Larry Wu

Larry Wu discussed the 9 Consumer Macro Trends for 2010 at Gnomedex in Seattle. He observes trends and looks or creates products that people need to support their lifestyle.

Larry will be on our Get It Done in 2010 Seminar Series this Wednesday.

Here is a list of current macro trends:


– The return to handcrafted one of a kind objects, services and activities that express personal style.

Cultural fusion

– Proactive interest in experiencing multiple cultures and new culture hybrids grounded in popular and consumer culture. The simplest expressions are in music and food. See, for example, Bollywood or the Kogi trucks in Los Angeles.


– Search for and articulation of one’s unique identity. Fingerprinting is expressed through an individuals’ collection of unique passion points.

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Which Pipe Does Chris Carr Racing Run?


Chris Carr has won the 1992, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Grand National Championship, a series competed on “750cc” motorcycles. In addition Chris also competed in the “600 Series”, winning seven Championships, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995 and won the 2000 Formula USA Dirt Track Championship.

Chris was named AMA Pro Athlete of the Year in 2003 and persevered to become the second-winningest rider in AMA Grand National Championship history. In 2002, Chris brought Ford Motor Company on board as his team’s sponsor, marking one of the few times a major corporation backed an AMA Grand National team during that era.

More details at D&D Exhaust.

SEMINAR: Rick Fairless on Promotions & Sales

Listen to Rick Fairless

Rick Fairless Is On The Air

Rick Fairless is on the Get It Done in 2010 Seminar. He discusses how to utilize events and promotions to increase your sales and marketing objectives.

Listen to Bob Kay & Rick Fairless on the Biker Pros Podcast.

Each month Biker Pros hosts a teleconference with executives that are in and out of the Powersports marketplace.

Rick Fairless
Owner, Rick Fairless Strokers Dallas

I am so proud and happy to be so successful in a business that I truly love. I continue to work hard and tell people all the time that I’m just a lucky chump from Texas! I’m just happy to be here.
-Rick Fairless