Cleveland Winners @ Ultimate Builder

Cleveland FreeStyle Winner
Freestyle Winner – Jesse Bassett from the The Gasbox built the 1965 BSA Lightning 650cc. He is an understudy of Huey Schwevs and built this sano retro BSA.

FreeStyle Class: Any motorcycle frame configuration or drivetrain combination. Your imagination is the only restriction. The motorcycle must run and stop.

1 – Jesse Bassett – The Gasbox – – the gasbox is Clevelands finest in fabrication and vintage motorcycles.
2 – Bill Steele – Steele Kustoms – Fascinator Motorcycle
3 – Fritz Polosky – Built by Cleveland Motorcycle Mfg – Sicpup MC
4 – Bill Steele – Steele Kustoms – F2 Motorcycle
5 – Huey Schwevs – Built by Cleveland Motorcycle Mfg – Board tracker
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Cruisin’ Pegs – HD – Traditional Board- Chrome

Aeromach USA’s Cruisin’ Pegs are custom designed highway peg system that fit underneath your factory Harley-Davidson touring bike floorboards. The Cruisin’ Pegs are built to reduce fatigue by providing an alternate foot location. And since the peg is beveled, your heel rests comfortably and secure on the peg.


No matter your size or inseam, Aeromach’s Cruisin’ Pegs are your answer to increased comfort in the saddle.

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Biker Pros Completes Ultimate Builder in DC

Lloyds Big Tire Kit From Ultimate Builder in DC

The Washington DC edition of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show started out with the temperatures hovering around 20 degrees but the show on the inside the Washington Convention Center was hot.

The Washington Convention Center, located just a few minutes from the Washington Monument, is a high-tech affair that is roomy and an excellent facility to showcase custom bikes. As you walk into the center you’re greeted with the FreeStyle Class bikes laid out on the red carpet that runs the length of the show.

Throughout the entire weekend the bikes were surrounded with enthusiasts taking pictures and enjoying styles that were a significant departure from stock.
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Results From Ultimate Builder Detroit

We just finished our Detroit round of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike. The event had strong participation from the local builders with outstanding diversity from Triumph mills to Yamaha and everything in between. See pics, hear interviews and get updates at the AMD World Championship Blog.

Listed below are the top builders from Motown.

Freestyle Class
1. Gary Mauer, Kustom’s Inc. – No Reservation
2. Don Weimer, Weimer Original Designs – Revelation
3. Steve Broyles, Stevenson’s Cycle – Duce’s Wild
4. Chris Phillips, Doomtown Choppers –
5. Don Weimer, Weimer Original Designs

Modified Harley
1. Huck Hemphill, Radical Baggers Inc.
2. Brian Ratkos, BRC Creations –
3. Jerry Motz, Detroit Harley-Davidson
4. Jody Jendon, Reflections Polishing – Green Ambition
5. Ron Harris, Chop Doc Choppers

Performance Custom
1. Jody Jendon, Reflections Polishing
2. Jack McCoy, M43 Powersports

Detroit Harley-Davidson: Ultimate Builder Entry

2011 MOTOWN Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show

Detroit Harley-Davidson enters this nice 2002 Bagger sporting a 23 inch front wheel and custom seat in the MOD Harley class. The Bike is called Envy and the heart of the matter is a 107 ci mill.


Detroit Harley-Davidson is a full service Harley-Davidson & Buell shop. They have a large selection of Harley-Davidson® & Buell® apparel and parts and accessories to customize your bike and you.

Their service department is state-of-the-art with all techs factory trained. They do anything from servicing bikes to building bikes from the ground up.

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