Giveaway Chopper Participation is Building

Chopper Style of the Giveaway Chopper
Chopper 'Style' of the Giveaway Chopper

We are producing, promoting and publicizing the building of the Giveaway Chopper in Cycle Source Magazine and We have American manufacturers that have decided to come on-board to assist us in creating this one-of-a-kind chopper. Every component of the build will be detailed with our media partners.

As of October 2011 we have the following sponsors in the giveaway chopper project:


Cycle Source Magazine


• Kustoms Inc.
• Chop Docs


• D&D Exhaust
• Accel
• Evil Engineering
• Texas Bike Works
• Nash Motorcycle Co
• Wire Plus
• Aeromach USA
• Rocking K Custom Leathers

Ultimate Builder: 12 City Custom Bike Series (UBCBS)

Enter your custom bike into the Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show and pitch it against the best builders in the country. The UBCBS is an affiliate competition to the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building.

Builders of choppers, cruisers and sportbikes are invited to enter their bikes into the competition and judge each other’s work. There will be 11 individual rounds of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show nationwide and a National Championship in Daytona.

Ultimate Builder
12 City Custom Bike Tour

$90,000 in Cash Awards

At the end of the 12 city tour the Ultimate Builder will award over $90,000 in cash and expose builders to over 600,000 motorcycle enthusiasts. No other competition will offer this much exposure to custom bike builders or a chance to become the definitive American Champion of custom bike building.

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Indianapolis – The Ultimate Dealer Only Bike Show

The Ultimate Dealer Only Bike Show @ V-Twin Dealer Show

At the inaugural American V-Twin Dealer Show, co-located with the 2012 Indianapolis Dealer Expo at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis February 17-19, 2012 there will be an “Ultimate Bike Show”, a dealer-only custom bike show. Custom bikes will be displayed prominently at the entrance of the American V-Twin Dealer Show. Competing for exhibitors and dealers with theCincinnati V-Twin Expo (Feb 4-6, 32012), the American Dealer Show is also launching the first ever live auction of pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles at a trade show.

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Harley, Victory Sales and Profits Up

After blowing past all expectations for the second quarter of fiscal 2011, Harley-Davidson saw yet another sales and earnings increase for the third quarter as well. Income rose 95.9% to $183.6 million up from just under $93.7 million a year ago- an absolutely phenomenal achievement.

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Team CW Dirt-Track Mechanic: Chris Carr

Note: This is another CW story about Chris Carr. He provided the CW Flat Track Team with a low-slung D&D pipe.


Seven-time Grand National Champion and fastest man to ever ride a motorcycle–367.382 mph–watched me unload the semi-official Cycle World Honda CRF450R from the van at Yavapai Downs Fair Grounds, a beautiful mile-long dirt track near Prescott, Arizona, where I was about to try to qualify for my first AMA Pro-Singles mile dirt-track race ever. Not to mention ride my first mile ever…

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Cycle World Sold Twice in 2011

Hachette Filipacchi Media sold Cycle World to Hearst Magazines earlier this year, which has now sold it to Bonnier. That publisher started in 2007 and owns 50 magazines including Field & Stream, Outdoor Life and Popular Science. Most of those titles have been bought from other companies.

In a letter to readers that will appear in the December edition of Cycle World, Editor-in-Chief Mark Hoyer said:

    “In recent years with Hachette, circumstances were far from ideal. The economic meltdown led to cuts at the corporate level and resources got tight. So, while CW is the largest motorcycle publishing brand, when we were compared with the more general consumer publications in the company …we were quite small, making it difficult to compete for attention.”

Mark Hoyer will stay on as Cycle World editor in chief and add the title of vice president of brand content.

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A Free Chopper Coming Soon

Biker Pros Produced Chopper Giveaway Coming Soon
Chopper Giveaway Coming Soon

Biker Pros is producing the Giveaway Chopper program for and Cycle Source Magazine. We are bringing in suppliers from across the country to help with the build. Gary Maurer of Kustoms Inc. and Ron Harris from Chop Docs will be fabricating the bike. The chopper will be given away at Las Vegas Bikefest in 2012. The yellow chopper pictured here contains a few design cues that will be employed by the giveaway chopper.

Building a Bobber is a Snap!

Want to see how long it takes to build a motorcycle from the scratch? Give me 3 minutes and I will give you something to ride!


Our Friends Like this Gadget

XPress Lid by Smartcup

Being in this industry, we see a lot of product from a lot of different companies that do a lot of interesting things. This one caught our attention

Let's Go Surfing Now WIth XPress Lid by SmartCup
Let's Go Surfing Now WIth XPress Lid by SmartCup
because it does something that I have not been able to do before… Make a great cup of coffee, no matter where I go… It is the XPress French press in a lid by SmartCup. I put these babies in my backpack or saddlebag depending on where I’m going. When I get to my destination, I just add hot water and… instant premium coffee.

It is a simple operation, put the grounds in the bottom, add hot H20, let it brew for 3 minutes and use the plunger to push the grounds to the bottom of the cup and you have a smooth and tasty cup of Joe.

Our friend Britt sent a picture over of her having a cup of here favorite Kona. She will have a great cup of on-the-go coffee to warm up before hitting the surf in SOCAL.

Harley is Moving Iron

Harley reports 5.4 percent motorcycle sales growth for 3rd quarter in USA

Biker Pros reports Harley-Davidson Selling Iron
Harley-Davidson Selling Iron

HARLEY-Davidson has reported continued strong improvement in earnings and dealer retail sales in the third quarter of 2011 and through the nine months of the year-to-date, compared to 2010.

The company says that third-quarter operating income from Motorcycles and Related Products grew 78.0 percent on higher shipment volumes and operating margin improvements, with operating income from its Financial Services segment grew 21.9 percent due to continued improvement in credit performance, compared to the third quarter of 2010.

Retail sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles are said to have grown by 5.1 percent worldwide in the third quarter (to 61,838), led by a 5.4 percent rise in the US, with first nine-month retail sales up 4.9 percent (worldwide) to 194,829.
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