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Part 2: Chopper Voodoo – A Roller

Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show

The Brass Balls’ Chopper will debut at the Dallas round of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show . The chopper is making progress, It’s now a roller.

After the frame was fabricated it went off to be nickel plated. Thie custom 69 Chopper-style frame is 36 degrees, 3″ up, 1″ out and 2″ back. At the frame head, the Darwin Motorcycles logo is welded in.

Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show (UBCBS)
Raw Steel
Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show (UBCBS)
Nickel Plated

It’s Now a Roller

Building has progressed to a roller stage. Wheels, frame, tranny have been mocked up.

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Indianapolis American V-Twin Show Hosts Ultimate Dealer Bike Show

The Ultimate Dealer Bike Show to showcase the building talent of motorcycle dealers will take place at the inaugural American V-Twin Dealer Show, co-located with the 2012 Dealer Expo at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis February 17-19, 2012.

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Results: San Mateo Ultimate Builder

Dalton Walker wins FreeStyle
Dalton Walker wins FreeStyle
The 2011 San Mateo round of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show was a success. The bikes were remarkable, the competition was close and the attendees feedback was positive.

FreeStyle Class

Winner: Dalton Walker, 2011 Split Image Kustoms (SIK)
2nd Place: Jim Giuffra, Sentoh
3rd Place: Rickey Bedford, The Interchangable

Free Style – One-off, ground-up built custom bike on any chassis or drive train configuration. All style bikes ie; baggers, choppers, bobbers etc. compete against each other in this unlimited, anything goes class.

Roger Vaughn wins Modified Harley Class
Roger Vaughn wins Mod Harley

Hot Bike Mod Harley Class

Winner: Roger Vaughn, King of Kings
2nd Place: Mike Mileham, The Loot
3rd Place: Dan Stern, Touring Thunder

Modified Harley – Stock OEM frame and engine cases manufactured by Harley Davidson. The stock frame/Harley geometry must be maintained, cutting the frame at the neck for purposes of stretching or raking is NOT allowed. The use of raked trees are allowed. Frame modifications that are allowed include molding, sheet metal attachments, tab/bracket removal and relocation to create a smoother appearance. Modifications allowed to the rear of the frame (generally past the transmission) include swing arm changes, rigid tail sections, fat or skinny tire conversions, lowering kits and sheet metal as long as the basic stock configuration is unchanged. Case internals can be replaced, along with cylinders, heads and valve train components. Turbos, super chargers, NOS kits etc are acceptable.

SSB Performance Custom

Jim Giuffra Wins Perf. Customs
Jim Giuffra Wins Perf. Customs

Winner: Jim Giuffra, ASUMATI
2nd Place: Javon Samonte
3rd Place: Liam Shubert, Darth Blader

Performance Custom – A class designed to showcase customs where the primary intention of the builder is to improve performance and /or showcase their performance engineering and techniques. Open to all or any kind of motorcycle, of any platform or drivetrain, air-cooled or liquid cooled. This class is designed to feature drag race styled, circuit racers, off road racers and/or Bonneville style race projects. Performance modifications ie; turbos, super chargers, NOS etc. are encouraged. We have seen stretched out Hayabusa’s , Short track styled bikes, motars, board trackers and café racers in past competitions

Retro Mod Class

Kirk Taylor wins Retro Mod
Kirk Taylor wins Retro Mod

Winner: Kirk Taylor, Sacred
2nd Place: Reza Gohary, Personal Identity
3rd Place: Michael Cooper, BSA B54

Retro Mod – The Retro Mod class is new for 2011 and we had a strong turn out. Any modified bike, with any drive train on any chassis configuration that is 25 years or older. A great class for older Harley’s where the frame was cut to rake or stretch it as well as café racers from all over the world.

Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show kicks off in San Mateo, CA

We are Live

AFT Models Build Custom Bikes
2011 - San Mateo, CA @ Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show

Arlen Ness is our showcase builder for the San Mateo, Ca round of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show. At each show we bring in a builder to highlight.

Ness is a legend and has been building custom motorcycles for more than four decades. Arlen’s name is synonymous with “chopper” and he, as well as his family, has been a key player in the chopper scene since the 70’s. Biker Pros is pleased to have Arlen Ness at the Ultimate Builder and look forward to working with the Ness family.

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Custom Motorcycle Builder Update

AFT Models Build Custom Bikes
Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show

Builder Update

The team at Biker Pros are on the phones and securing entries in the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show in San Mateo, Dallas, Long Beach and Seattle. Kirk Taylor and Jim from AFT Customs will be showing bikes in San Mateo this weekend. Satya Krause may join in as well.

Cole Foster wanted to come, but his bikes are in Japan, Europe and at Jeff Decker’s place. Foster had just returned from Austin working with Jesse James on the buildoff with the Teutuls. He said the best part was shooting a machine gun and using Paul Jr’s face as the target.

Our 2010-2011 champ, Chris
Richardson, will be coming back
to Long Beach and showcasing
a new bike.

Gary Maurer of Kustoms Inc. and
Ron Harris of Chop Docs have
checked in and are working on a new
Giveaway Chopper with Cycle Source

John White of Crazy Horse Motorcycles
is considering putting a prototype
bike in the show in Seattle. If he
can get it together in time, we
will have a new bike and manufacturer
breaking cover.

Ultimate Builder Dates and Location
San Mateo, CA Nov. 18-20, 2011
Dallas, TX Dec. 2-4, 2011
Long Beach, CA Dec. 9-11, 2011
Seattle, WA Dec. 16-18, 2011
Novi, MI Jan. 6-8, 2012
Washington, DC Jan. 13-15, 2012
New York, NY Jan. 20-22, 2012
Cleveland, OH Jan. 27-29, 2012
Minneapolis, MN Feb. 3-5, 2012
Chicago, IL Feb. 10-12, 2012
Charlotte, NC Feb. 24-26, 2012
Daytona, FL Mar. 14-17, 2012

AFT Customs Showcasing ASUMATI @ Ultimate Builder

AFT Models Build Custom Bikes
AFT Models Build Custom Bikes
In the heart of California’s historic Mother Lode, 45 miles east of Sacramento and Stockton, the custom bike ASUMATI rumbles to life built to honor an ancient people, the Miwok Indian Tribe. Once the customized sled comes off the bike show circuit, it will be on display in the Sierra Nevada Foothills in Amador County at the Jackson Rancheria Casino.

The lead designer on the build is Jim Giuffra, owner of AFT Customs. AFT Customs is 3 business in one… a motorcycle shop, a modeling agency and a custom metric bike shoppe. Jim designs the bike, oversees the build and works with the models to fabricate it.

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That Voodoo That You Do

ultimate builder Chopper Build
Holdsworth finishes the frame before plating

The Ultimate Builder Chopper is Coming Together

This Chopper is being built for the FreeStyle class of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show. Dar Holdsworth, President of Brass Balls, is creating a high-end 69 Chopper-style for the show. Dar has the eye in creating designs that are cutting-edge and familiar at the same time. He has the ability to add his special touch of voodoo that makes his company’s bikes satisfying to look at and desirable to put in your garage.

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Crazy Horse Comes On-board

The Free Chopper Program
The Free Chopper Program

We Have an Engine

John White, Owner of Crazy Horse Motorcycles, has decided to come on-board to provide a Crazy Horse V-Plus engine for the Giveaway Chopper that will be built on the pages of Cycle Source Magazine and

The Chopper is being built by Kustoms Inc. and Chop Docs. It will be given away at 2012 Las Vegas Bikefest. All the details are at Win the Chopper.

Biker Pros is producing the Giveaway Chopper program.

E-Commerce: WordPress Plugin Review

WordPress is Flexible & Easy to Use
At Biker Pros we utilize WordPress for numerous applications. It’s flexible and easy to use.

WordPress allows 3rd party plugins that offer exceptional capabilities. One class of plugins are related to e-commerce. These allow you to sell knowledge products, ship-able products and services.

Shopping Cart Review

Two shopping carts that are easy to use and have significant support behind them are Shopp and Card66.

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