Ron Finch: A Legend in Motorcycle Circles

By NICOLE M. ROBERTSON; Twitter: @NicoleR_TheOP

This is an article from Oakland Press about a good friend of ours, Ron Finch. Earlier this year we hung out with Ron and his wife Ruth and got a tour of his facility.

-Jeff Najar, Partner

PONTIAC — Ron Finch is a legend in motorcycle circles. But he doesn’t take that too seriously. He’s just here to have fun.

“Most of the people who know me know I’m not a real serious person,” he says. A mechanical chimpanzee head on a counter in his studio agrees, screeching when he speaks.

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Durham, NC – Imagine a world where 15,000 men and women come together from across America to celebrate on the altar of metal and horsepower; where choppers are the primary focus of lifestyle and culture. This location is called Smoke Out 13 and it is held on June 22-23, 2012 in Rockingham, NC to revel in all things chopper.

The Smoke Out celebrates chopper jockeys by making available a limited number of vending spaces for firms to support our enthusiast’s lifestyle. We encourage companies to invest in this market as it is the building block of the customer lifetime value. Relationships with this demographic provides a rich technical and mechanical savvy audience that will provide influence to the home builder and general motorcycle market for years to come.

Small Bikes Headline the Smoke Out 13 on Friday Night

Small Bikes Headline the Smoke Out 13 on Friday Night
Small Bikes Headline the Smoke Out 13

The Smoke Out 13 is hosting the World Championship of Mini Bike Races on Friday June 22, 2012 in Rockingham, NC with racers running super hero costumes and competing for bragging rights against their fellow backyard chopper-builders.

The race winner and the racer with the coolest costume will be awarded event trophies. Brew Dude ( , a custom bike and bicycle builder, is custom fabricating the trophies for the event.

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WSJ – Is the iPhone the Last Camera you Need?


    The following is from the WSJ and it brings up an interesting idea… Do you need a camera other than your iPhone? The answer is… it depends upon what you are using for and what you are doing with the pictures as well as where you are taking the pictures. As a rule of thumb, you can probably get by with it on 50% of your missions. The less light you have, the greater amount of movement and the importance of the project will dictate more sophisticated equipment. Even so, a smartphone is what you need in your day-to-day business projects.

    The new iPhone, which comes in black or white, has an Apple A5 processor, the same chip found in the company’s iPad 2 tablet. The new chip can download data twice as fast and can handle graphics seven times faster. Users can also go directly to the camera even when the phone is locked and take a photo within 1.1 seconds. The phone’s battery offers eight hours of 3G talk time, nine hours of Wi-Fi browsing and 10 hours of video.

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D&D Sez… “Get Out And Ride Month” Kicks Off This Weekend

get out an ride

Tour Master Saber Series 3 jackets up for grabs in AMA Get Out and Ride! trivia contest

Throughout the month of April, hundreds of thousands of American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) members will be enjoying the thrill of motorcycling during “AMA Get Out and Ride! Month.”

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