Bikernet / Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper Runs Zero Growth Metzeler Rubber

Bikernet / Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper Runs Zero Growth Metzeler Rubber

Win the XPress Lid Custom Chopper from & Cycle Source Magazine
Metzeler® is providing ME 880 rubber for the Bikernet/Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper, sponsored by XPress Lid and Spectro Oil, which is being awarded at the Las Vegas Bikefest this fall.

Cycle Source Magazine and are showcasing the build and reporting on the style of bikes that their readers enjoy and like to ride. Choppers like the ones that roll out of the custom giveaway chopper builders, Chop Docs and Kustoms Inc., are light weight, fast and provide serious fun. Each month Cycle Source Magazine will run an article from the build team. Videos and additional articles are hosted at and

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A commemorative motorcycle built by famed builder Dar Holdsworth of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers, and honoring the U.S. NAVY, will be one of four custom bikes to be unveiled at C*A*M*M*O’s tribute to Rolling Thunder’s 25th anniversary on May 26, 2012, in Washington, D.C. Brass Balls’ bike joins three others built by internationally recognized bike builders to honor each branch of the military, including:

U.S. Marine Corps – built by Brigitte Bourget of Bourget’s Bike Works, who was the first one to sign on to the project,
U.S. Air Force – built by Billy Lane – U.S. Air Force Commemorative Motorcycle
U.S. Coast Guard – built by Mike “Kiwi” Tomas of Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Company, based on a 1945 Indian Chief that he hopes to ride to the event.


Business Intelligence: AMD/Baird quarterly research survey

The latest  has uncovered ongoing issues surrounding low inventory levels at more that half of the authorised Harley-Davidson dealerships surveyed.

The survey was conducted in May 2012 to measure mid-quarter trends. It found that demand remains up over the same period in 2011, by some 4 to 5 percent. However following the 25 percent surge in demand reported in quarter one (attributed to the early spring among other factors) Milwaukee based investment analysts Robert W. Baird & Co are pointing to “particularly lean” dealer inventory levels as likely to be holding back sales growth for some dealers.

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Bandit Updates his Latest Adventure

Nyla and I survived 7-8 days on a 50 ft Catana Catamaran, with Bob Bitchin, the original publisher of Biker and Tattoo, and currently Latitudes and Attitudes. Top speed 14.7 knots with a mild 20 knots of wind.

We sailed from Martinique south through about seven islands and back up to the base. All went down like fine rum. You’ll read the story in the next couple of weeks.

Glad to be back, facing 6000 e-mails and the news tomorrow, so go easy
on me until Friday.

Bobby Petrino’s infamous motorcycle is up for auction

Source: Erick Smith, USA TODAY

If you have some extra cash laying around, you can own the infamous motorcycle former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino was riding when he crashed last month. The motorcycle, a 2007 Harley-Davidson, is up for auction on The listed price for the vehicle is $16,000 with repair costs of $18,481.

The current bidding as of 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday was at $4,050. (I just checked on the bike and it shows a current bid of $15. ???)

After reading the story about Petrino, it made me want to know more about Copart. I would have expected to see this bike listed on eBay.
-Jeff Najar

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Advanstar names Maurice “Mo” Murray Powersports Group brand director

Powersports industry veteran Mo Murray has been named Brand Director for Advanstar’s Powersports Group, which includes Dealernews, Dealer Expo, the American V-Twin Dealer Show and the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.

Murray will be responsible for product and content development for Dealer Expo, the motorcycle shows, and Dealernews-branded properties, said Danny Phillips, Advanstar executive vice president. Murray will be based at Advanstar’s headquarters offices in Santa Monica, Calif.
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The 2012 Smoke Out Gets a Lift Up with Quality Lifts

Quality LiftEach year the core of the chopper world looks to the Smoke Out with great anticipation and in 2012 they have a new partner that is helping them get a hand-up on their chopper maintenance through a promotion with Quality Lifts. This year one lucky chopper jockey will win a Quality Lift for their very own garage or dining room, whichever place they tend to build their motorcycles.

The Smoke Out is an annual pilgrimage to Rockingham, NC where over 15,000 chopper and bobber riders congregate to relax, drag race, swap lies and dance to good ole rock n’ roll. Commander Edge, The Smoke Out Head Chopper, puts together this all-star entertainment program that is a must-see event for every chopper fanatic.
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Is Direct Mail & Telemarketing In Your Sales Bag?

This story originally appeared in the Dealernews May 2012 issue.
By: Rod Stuckey

Rod Stuckey is a big fan of online media for marketing your company. Companies have experienced success in executing campaigns with email, Google Adwords, Web landing pages, Web-banners, Facebook, etc. However, he also believes that diversity equals stability. This is one of many reasons he is also a huge fan of offline media — in particular, direct mail and telephone.

A little-known truth is that nearly every great business owner has built his or her business on good direct-response marketing using direct mail and telephone. In fact, right now, in the middle of the information age, good ol’ direct mail is still a $45.2 billion industry. And the telemarketing and call center industry is still north of $20 billion, despite constant attacks from the Federal Trade Commission.

Why? Because it works.

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A Powersports Social Media Pinterest Marketing Campaign

Vespa USA is telling its fans and customers to “Ride colorfully,” with help from fashion house kate spade new york in a new marketing campaign on Pinterest, a fast-growing social networking site.

Pinterest users who follow kate spade’s pinboard are invited to create their own pinboards based upon where they would travel on their Vespas, according to the scooter manufacturer. Users can select one of four custom-painted Vespa LX 50s to create their “Ride colorfully” boards and, when they submit their boards into the sweepstakes, will enter to win one of the custom Vespas. The contest ends on May 3, and winners will be notified on or about May 30.

“Riding a Vespa motor scooter adds an element of fun, adventure and style to everything we do,” said Melissa R. MacCaull, vice president of Piaggio Group Americas. “The “Ride colorfully sweepstakes’ is the perfect way to dream about a destination you would travel to on your Vespa, Knowing that the dream can quickly become a reality, just as it has for millions of people worldwide who ride Vespas on a regular basis.”

Visit for more information.

New Social Media Tools Can Reach More Buyers

B2B – Christopher Hosford

Social marketing, once viewed solely in terms of gaining “earned” media attention—awareness, engagement, feedback—is scaling into a true marketing channel. The cause: the blurring between earned and paid media. Participatory social interaction is now leveraging both into a unified, single recommendation engine.

“Recommendations have long been considered the most trusted form of “advertising,’ according to Nielsen Co.’s “Trust in Advertising’ surveys,” said Ben Grossman, communications strategist at agency Oxford Communications, Lambertville, N.J. “The great challenge for advertisers has been that recommendations don’t have the reach, frequency and number of impressions as real paid ads.

“With social media, advertisers now have the opportunity to amplify recommendations at scale,” he said.

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