New Ads at Facebook offer scale & social impact

Christopher Hosford
Facebook Inc. this month took its biggest step yet in monetizing its operations and offering marketers dramatically new ways to reach their audiences.

On March 1, the social giant debuted Premium on Facebook, an upgraded advertising option designed to extend the distribution of ads and ensure a greater number of impressions. It also rolled out Offers, a new option enabling companies to post daily deals, and Timeline for business pages, which revamps the way a company’s Facebook page is displayed.

“We’re reshaping our relationships with customers,” said Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, adding Facebook wants to “make marketing social.”

“Principles that apply to people apply also to brands,” she said. “You have a voice; express yourselves.”

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Rivera Primo Shifts the 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper into Gear

Rivera Primo & The Giveaway CHopper

Win the XPress Lid Custom Chopper from & Cycle Source Magazine

Rivera Primo® is providing a PowerDrive™ 6 speed transmission for the Bikernet/Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper, sponsored by XPress Lid and Spectro Oil, which is being awarded at the Las Vegas Bikefest this fall.

The Rivera Primo® PowerDrive™ 6 speed transmission features a 2-year unlimited mileage replacement guarantee and the backing of almost 40 years of the best customer service in the industry. The softail-styled unit comes in polished, chrome or black wrinkle finish. Gear ratios are set at a close-ratio 2.94:1 first gear; second gear 2.21; third gear 1.60, fourth gear 1.23; fifth gear 1.00, 0.860:1 overdrive sixth gear, which means it pulls when you need it and delivers exception MPG when cruising.

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Harley-Davidson US Sales Up 25% During 1st Quarter 2012

Harley-Davidson Sales are Up
Harley-Davidson Sales are Up
Published by Cyril Huze April 24th, 2012

Harley-Davidson is scheduled to release first quarter 2012 earnings tomorrow Wednesday April 25.

But after information leaked from a research update by the Motorcycle Industry Council became public, Harley-Davidson was obliged yesterday to confirm in a federal filing that retail sales of motorcycles in the United States rose 25.5 percent in the first quarter of 2012 compared with the first quarter of 2011.

In the filing, Harley-Davidson claimed that the Motorcycle Industry Council, an Irvine, Calif.-based industry trade organization, released to its members certain information pertaining to the motorcycle industry in the United States, including Harley-Davidson, “subject to terms of applicable restricted use agreements.” “The company learned that one of the members of the Motorcycle Industry Council, in apparent violation of those terms, disclosed information in a research update, presumably based on the contents of the Motorcycle Industry Council report,” Harley-Davidson stated in the filing.

The Crazy Horse Engine is Built & Ready for the Giveaway Chopper

The Crazy Horse Engine build for the Bikernet/Cycle Source 15th Anniversary Giveaway Chopper sponsored by XPress Lid & Spectro Oil is completed and has been shipped to Ron Harris of Chop Doc’s and Gary Maurer of Kustom’s Inc. for the build of this one-of-a-kind custom chopper that will be given away at the Las Vegas Bikefest.

Details of the build, interviews and updates are located in the print version of Cycle Source Magazine,, and

Audi buys Ducati … time to celebrate

Audi has purchased Ducati Motorcycles. Not Volkswagen Group (Audi’s parent) , but Audi, which is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group. It seems a very good fit. It’s early days and the announcement has just been made, but as a fan of motorcycles in general and Ducati in particular, we’rew all running around here like rats with a gold tooth in reaction to the announcement.

Audi has the enthusiast spirit in its DNA to appreciate the magic of the Ducati Brand and empower it. It will ensure the resources are there to enable the brand to prosper. The Supervisory Boards of AUDI AG and Volkswagen AG approved the acquisition today in Hamburg. Hang in there Valentino, the cavalry are coming.

Builders and Manufacturers are heading to the Smoke Out Rally

Chopper Builders and Manufacturers are heading to the Smoke Out Rally to meet with enthusiasts, backstreet builders and chopper jockeys. If guys and gals want something special for their sled and want to eyeball it, then they need to attend the 13th edition of the Smoke Out Rally on June 22-23, 2012 in Rockingham, NC.

Details at

Social Media Advertising Is Set to Explode

Beware the Three Fatal Flaws of Social Marketing
By: Michael Lazerow Published: April 23, 2012

The great agency battle has begun. After years and years of riding shotgun, agencies that focus on communications and conversations – PR firms and social media agencies – are gunning for their clients’ ad budgets.

At stake is who will control, and earn the lucrative fees, from the cash companies are pouring into Facebook and Twitter ads.

In a world where the content is the ad and the ad is the content, the barriers between the different types of agencies go away, and all are frothing at all the new and growing revenue streams.
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Pinterest CASE STUDY


Social Email Marketing: 256% higher clickthrough rate on tweaked Pinterest promo for nonprofit

Companies are starting to dip their toes into Pinterest, a fast-rising social network that focuses on sharing content. Some email marketers are already figuring out what works when promoting their company’s Pinterest pages, and what doesn’t.

Pinterest may have just popped up on your radar, but the team at VolunteerSpot was on the content-sharing social network months ago.

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Gamification is a fun marketing channel

by David Kirkpatrick, Reporter

Gamification is a fun marketing channel—B2B marketers have many opportunities to take advantage of with gamification.

Gamification is one of those hot, emerging areas in marketing, along with mobile and the constantly shifting universe of social media platforms — Pinterest, anyone?

The topics covered include motivating employees, getting Sales to engage with the CRM, driving online community engagement, driving website engagement for lead nurturing, and appealing Gen Y. One key takeaway: gamification is not about the games — it’s about measuring and motivating.

Create website engagement

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To improve SEO effectiveness, content is king

MarketingS​herpa asked more than 1,500 search marketers about the effectiveness of their top SEO tactics. More than half of all CMOs report that content creation is a very effective tactic to improve their SEO rankings.

Keyword research was close behind, with 43% finding this strategy very effective. View this week’s chart for more results.

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