Time is an illusion – The Martin Chronicles

Photos and text by Tyler Ludlow + Bikernet.com

Youngest Member of the Build Team
Youngest Member of the Build Team

    Note: Bikernet.com commissioned Biker Pros to write a profile story of Roys Toys Customs. The following is our article.

Stories do not always have to be linear to be memorable. Ask any one who has seen Pulp Fiction.

It would seem natural for someone to join the police force at a young age, and take up work in a machine shop to learn how to customize motorcycles later in life. Most riders ride Harley-Davidsons many more years than they’ve run a custom motorcycle shop. Roy Martin of Roys Toys Customs in Centennial, CO decided to do the inverse. Continue reading “Time is an illusion – The Martin Chronicles”

5-Ball Racing Special Ops Black Leather Vest

And the Story behind the Brand
By Bandit with photos by Jeffrey Najar & Markus Cuff

Dumptruck Works the Vest
Dumptruck Works the Vest

The 5-Ball Racing team has always been a team effort. We set a few World Land Speed Records, and we’re going after more. The team portion of the equation remains intact with the apparel line. Teams are tough. Humans have a tough time dealing with egos, success, money, you name it. In many respects the Dharma rule of any team is to avoid all those issues at all costs. I’ll attempt to explain.

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Leather and models and bike shows, oh my!

    Note: Bikernet.com asked for a piece on what I do during a typical custom bike show weekend. Here is an overview of the Long Beach. By Jeffrey Najar
The J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Weekend in SOCAL
The weekend starts at LAX

My job is promoting companies in the Powersports Industry through promotions and publicity, as well as by producing custom bike shows.

In late 2014 I flew into LAX to produce the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show, which was installed down the center isle and on the red carpet of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show. This was the 4th show in the 1tth show series.

I always look forward to coming out to the City of Angles because I stay at the Bikernet.com HQ in Wilmington, CA. I bring a bottle of single barrel Jack Daniels and sit down with Bandit and whoever-is-around at the end of the day to have a couple of shots, recap the day and fix the world’s problems.

This year I invited Edge Continue reading “Leather and models and bike shows, oh my!”