Increase Revenue: 5 Steps to Improve Email Open Rate

Email Marketing Techniques
Email Marketing Techniques

Multiple times a month we conduct email marketing campaigns with the objective to increase our client’s sales, leads and brand awareness. This includes newsletters, email blasts, sales promotions and project updates.

Simply put, in order to sell more products, enthusiasts need to open their mail. Improving the e-mail open rate increases the success of the campaigns.

So the question is how do you get people to open your emails? We analyzed the factors in getting a click-to-open versus a click-to-delete result. Continue reading “Increase Revenue: 5 Steps to Improve Email Open Rate”

When you can’t fire an employee for a derogatory Facebook postings

You can't fire me when...
You can’t fire me when…

We’ve been asked about the leeway you have with derogatory Facebook postings. So we put this doc together that provides guidance from the National Labor Relations Board.

– Jeff Najar, Biker Pros

These days almost everyone leaves a digital footprint. It can be anything from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn post to posted comments and reviews on products, news articles, company websites, or other people’s social media pages.

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Latest AMD/Baird dealer survey: US sales decline 


AMD/Baird dealer survey…

The results of the latest AMD/Baird quarterly Harley-Davidson authorized dealer survey shows a continuing issue for Harley in terms of domestic sales.

Their 2014 annual results released in January showed that by the final quarter of the year their domestic US sales of new models had gone into reverse, and that trend is showing up in the responses to the February AMD/Baird survey. Continue reading “Latest AMD/Baird dealer survey: US sales decline “