350MPH is So 2006: BUB Streamliner Takes Record @ 367.38

Is this exciting or what? The BUB 7 Streamliner is now the fastest motorcycle on earth.

BUB 7 Worlds Fastest Motorcycle
BUB 7 Worlds Fastest Motorcycle

Mr. Speed, Chris Carr, set a new FIM world record and AMA national record at 367.382 MPH through the mile – and an exit speed of 372.534 MPH – at the Cook Private Meet at the Bonneville Salt Flats Utah.

Carr had mentioned before he got on the salt that the BUB crew had increased horsepower by over 20% from last year and felt that is the conditions were right that 400 MPH could be attained.

BUB 7 beat the previous record of 360.913mph (580.833kmh), set by Team Ack Attack last year. We originally covered the BUB 7 when it broke through the 350mph (563km) barrier back in 2006.

The BUB 7 Engine
The BUB 7 Engine

The BUB 7 Engine
The BUB Seven is powered by a custom V-4 engine. This engine is purpose built for motorcycle land speed racing. From a blank sheet of paper this engine was designed for one thing, power the world’s fastest motorcycle.

The maximum limit for this land speed racing is 3000cc. The engine also needs to fit in a space 18 inch x 28 inched so part of the initial design is to fit this compact space. The V-4 concept was used for two reasons, one to fit into the packaging and two the unique surface of the salt flats requires a engine with traction control. The engine is a big bang type so that the engine can gain traction then relax and then transfer power with the next power pulse.

Unlike drag racing one of the challenges in LSR racing is that the motorcycle has to make two runs; a down and return that make the average for the record, so the engine has to survive for both runs without any modifications.

The first engine configuration was normally aspirated and making 420hp and 380ft of torque. Now the engine is turbocharger generating 525hp and 420ft of torque. The engine is designed to withstand nearly double the amount of power before any modifications are needed.



The engine undergoes extensive dyno testing before it hits the salt.

How fast in 350 mph ?
That’s a 1/4 mile ever 3 seconds and 5 football fields in 10 seconds. With this speed not only the power of the machine is tested , but the overall stability. BUB 7 has been wind-tunnel tested and field tested for the attempt to break 400mph.



Denis Manning, designer and builder of the Seven, has been in LSR (Land Speed Racing) for the better part of 40 years, and first got the record in 1970 with a Harley-powered Streamliner with rider Cal Rayborn at 265.492mph. This is his seventh Streamliner. He has held the fastest motorcycle record with two of them (twice with the Seven).

Harley One
Harley One

Harley-Davidson (1970) Where It All Started

This streamliner had center-hub steering and a true monocoque frame. The bike was powered by a Harley-Davidson Sportster 83in running on 70% Nitro-methane.

The Streamliner broke the world record at 265.492mph with Cal Rayborn as the rider. When the bike made it’s record runs the engine was a Warner Riley- Sporster HD engine with tuning from S & S’ George Smith Sr.

It was immortalized in the 1971 film ‘On Any Sunday’ and is now owned by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in Indiana.

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