A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Running on the Salt
Running on the Salt

Something Special

I love this pic… It’s at Bonneville and it has two universal interests… Speed & Sex.

It’s what makes the marketing world go around. It captures your imagination and allows you to create your own story. The racer, the girl, the machine… what’s going on? Also, you wonder if she is shading herself until you see the shadow.

We found the picture over at Sideburn Magazine. It’s seems that GQ Italy liked it too.

Roy Critchlow got in touch a few weeks ago to say he had some great shots of his friend Shinya Kimura racing at Bonneville on a Harley he built for a customer. He asked if I knew anyone who’d run a story. It turns out Michele at GQ Italy loves the photos as much as I did and the story is in the magazine.

So at Biker Pros we are constantly looking for images that solicites an emotion to help tell stories about our client’s products and services.

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