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Bob Kay Joins International Motorcycle Show for 2018-2019 Season

Bob Kay
Bob Kay Produces J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder

Bob Kay is Back in the Saddle for the Ultimate Builder

Bob Kay, Partner at Biker Pros, heads up the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show for the 2018-2019 at the International Motorcycle Show.

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Biker Pros Signs KIRSH for Paint Slinger Shootout

KIRSH Helmets signed to sponsor the Paint Slinger Shootout.

The Paint Slinger Shootout is a motorcycle helmet painting artist competition where their art is displayed on a KIRSH helmet. Their are two winning categories, People’s Choice Award and Winning Design.

People’s Choice Award – Judging shall be by VIP Judges and KIRSH social media outlets. There will be one winner as determined by a majority of valid votes per contestant.

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Custom Bikes Roll with Ridewright Wheels

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Bikernet Article
By Jeff Najar

Over the past three years our team at Biker Pros has produced over 35 custom bike shows. We seen 1000+ custom bikes from Los Angles to Daytona, and we noticed a major critical custom bike element, the wheels. Over and over a dominating competitive factor in a custom show are wheels and one brand consistently turns up at the top of the winners’ list, Ridewright Wheels.

In 1999 Sam Wakim founded Ridewright Wheels. He got started in the business when he was looking for a set of wheels for his bike and stopped in at Roadwing to evaluate their selection. He talked with management and then, bada-bing, bada-boom, he was consulting for the company. A short time later when the parent firm decided to sell, he bought the wheel business.

Ridewright is known for their spoke wheels. They also have a growing reputation for billet wheels. Back in 2007 the firm bought the machines and dies from Boyd Coddington Wheels and now has a growing range of billet wheel designs, and the capabilities to color code any wheel to the motorcycle, just like the spoke wheels. They are available online in the wheel builder program.
– See more at: http://www.bikernet.com/pages/RIDEWRIGHT_WHEELS_KEEPS_CUSTOM_BIKES_ROLLING_.aspx#sthash.yHBz2lon.dpuf

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Comment by AMD Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley
Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

“Black” may be the new “Chrome”, but it still don’t get you home

Oh dear! Where to begin? If Harley-Davidson seriously think that the continuing direction signalled by their MY2016 offer is going to keep their dealers, employees and investors happy in the long-term, then they are seriously deluded.
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Triumph wins at Harley-Davidson

Carl Pusser wins Freestyle

Over 5,000 gearheads and fans converged on the Harley-Davidson Museum® Custom Bike Pro-Show on Thursday evening for Bike Night and to kick off a weekend full of custom culture. Thousands of bikes line up in long rows of choppers, trikes and cruisers. Bike enthusiasts come from all over the country to see world-class designs and celebrate Harley culture.

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If you want a scary story, read between the lines of Harley’s share price performance

2005-harley-davidson-softail-deluxe-model-252Comment by Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

FOR about nine months now I’ve been writing about the Motor Company’s softening sales profile, its fiscal position, the impact both have been having on their share price, and the possible implications on their independence.

I have been writing-up reports on Harley-Davidson’s quarterly results since September 1993, so I guess in that time I have gotten pretty well attuned to the nuances of their reporting.

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Increase Revenue: 5 Steps to Improve Email Open Rate

Email Marketing Techniques
Email Marketing Techniques

Multiple times a month we conduct email marketing campaigns with the objective to increase our client’s sales, leads and brand awareness. This includes newsletters, email blasts, sales promotions and project updates.

Simply put, in order to sell more products, enthusiasts need to open their mail. Improving the e-mail open rate increases the success of the campaigns.

So the question is how do you get people to open your emails? We analyzed the factors in getting a click-to-open versus a click-to-delete result. Continue reading “Increase Revenue: 5 Steps to Improve Email Open Rate”

When you can’t fire an employee for a derogatory Facebook postings

You can't fire me when...
You can’t fire me when…

We’ve been asked about the leeway you have with derogatory Facebook postings. So we put this doc together that provides guidance from the National Labor Relations Board.

– Jeff Najar, Biker Pros

These days almost everyone leaves a digital footprint. It can be anything from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn post to posted comments and reviews on products, news articles, company websites, or other people’s social media pages.

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Latest AMD/Baird dealer survey: US sales decline 


AMD/Baird dealer survey…

The results of the latest AMD/Baird quarterly Harley-Davidson authorized dealer survey shows a continuing issue for Harley in terms of domestic sales.

Their 2014 annual results released in January showed that by the final quarter of the year their domestic US sales of new models had gone into reverse, and that trend is showing up in the responses to the February AMD/Baird survey. Continue reading “Latest AMD/Baird dealer survey: US sales decline “