100CI of Crazy Horse V-Twin Rumble

h1 – Crazy Horse Engines Kick Asphalt h2 – Crazy Horse Engines Kick Asphalt h3 – Crazy Horse Engines Kick Asphalt h4 – Crazy Horse Engines Kick Asphalt Crazy Horse Motorcycles LLC, based in Kent, Washington, is the manufacturer of the “V-Plus” V-Twin motorcycle engine. They are an OEM supplier of this engine to individuals… Read more »

Combine Nickel, Steel & an Ironhead = World Championship

Shop: Thunderbike in Hammiken, Germany. Name Of The Bike: PainTTless Builder: Andreas Bergerforth & Crew Engine: 1984 Sportster Iron Transmission: HD WLA 750 PainTTless is a long and slim sled with curvy lines and hand-crafted parts The 9th edition of the AMD’s World Championship of Custom Bike Building is a showcase of innovative motorcycle design and engineering. The show is… Read more »

Test 1

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