Biker Pros Completes

Biker Pros Produces the Custom Bike Show
Click here for the Custom Bike Show

Biker Pros has completed the Custom Bike Shows’ website located at It is a multi-site that allows up to five sites to nest under the primary custombikeshows url.


Create one location that allows enthusiasts to signup for multiple custom bike shows from across the country with any devise.

Design Criteria:

The information design provides access to key data with just a few keystrokes. The site itself will collapse or expand based on the type of equipment that is used; smaller for smartphones and larger for computers. The design criteria includes:

    [1] Easily connect to social media
    [2] Accessible by smart phones and tablets
    [2] An ability to update the sites using word processing-style tools

The url,, was selected because it is descriptive and allows multiple show promoters to promote the site without showing bias to other events.

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