BIKER PROS Select Judges for Biker Battleground

History_BB_Portfolio_002Biker Pros has selected judges to detemine the winner of the Biker Battleground competition. 

“Because of our successful work with Harley-Davidson and the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show, we were engaged to assist the History Channel is conducting the judging and providing MC services,” said Jeff Najar, Partner.

The 5 judges have been finalized:

Keith “Bandit” Ball
Keith has been around forever and done it all. He was the previous executive editor of Easy Rider magazine. he currently manages a Bonneville racing effort, authors biker fiction and is the main man behind Bikernet, the largest on-line biker information site.

Scott Hakins aka the Count
Scott is the man on the road for S&S Performance , the industry leader in V-Twin performance parts and engines. Scott uses his uncanny diagnostic skills and fix it on the spot ability to service dealers across the country.

Pat Jansen
Pat has been involved with custom bikes for decades originally helping establish Titan Motorcycles as an industry leader along with many of his own custom builds. Today Pat travels the country attending rallies as the spokes person for the Progressive Motorcycle Insurance.

Ron Harris
Ron is a renowned motorcycle painter from Michigan and the man behind Chop Docs Choppers . He also finds time to knock out customs and add to his custom line of retro motorcycle parts. Ron also attends many rallies as one of the co-founders of the Chopin Bloc.

Pat Patterson
Pat is one of the new breed builders redefining old school customs intended to be ridden hard. Pat has fast earned a reputation as one of the best fabricators, not only through his custom builds but also his Led Sled products for Sportsters.







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