BikerPros Produces Rocket III Video for D&D

Client: D&D Performance Enterprises
Action: Product video
Program: Build brand awareness & spur sales

BikerPros works to improve online traffic and sales for D&D Performance Enterprises by creating a video that shows performance and explains the capability of the firm. Our D&D videos have delivered as much as 10,000 views of a single video.

The following video highlights the latest product release by the client and allows enthusiasts to meet the President of the firm, Dave Rash, aka The Pope of Pipe.


Driving Traffic & Building the Brand

We coded the front of the video with a tag so that we could play it in the Bikernet Studio broadcast. At YouTube we marked the description with a link to D&D to drive targeted traffic to the company’s website. We created a series of descriptive tags to ensure that the video would be easy to search on the website.

Promotion Copy
The following is a description of the video. It’s important to include details of the motorbike as well as the exhaust pipe in the description. This provides the enthusiast a balanced story of the bike and the upgraded exhaust:

Bikernet Studio reports on the latest 2008 D&D Slip on pipes for the Triumph Touring Rocket III motorcycles. They sound great and pump up the crazy power.

At 2294cc its the worlds largest capacity production motorcycle. But, despite the impressive capacity of this amazing machine, it was designed first and foremost to be ridden. A good turning circle, seamless fuel injection and a low center of gravity combine to make maneuvering at low speed surprisingly easy.

We work with our clients to increase their name recognition, improve their website performance and positively affect their sales. Call us @ 919-383-0500 to see what we can do for you.

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