CLIENT NEWS: Bobber Babe Helping the Little Oklahoma Bobber Co.

69 Chopper
New Brass Balls Bobber Babe

The Little Chopper Shop has a Star that is Rising

Dar Holdsworth, BossMan of Brass Balls Choppers & Bobbers, has added a new Bobber Babe, Emylee. She replaces their first Chopper Chick, Megan.

For the next year Emylee will not just be smiling in front of the camera, she will be showcasing new products for Brass Balls including parts, accessories and motorcycles. She presents an all American girl image that really sets off the motorcycle she is on.

Horsepower Marketing’s Evaluation
Monthly we track the activity of Brass Balls Choppers & Bobbers and it is of no surprise that Chopper Jockeys are finding Emylee to be popular on their website.

Gratuitous Pictures of Emylee
The following are a few additional pictures of Brass Balls latest popular model.

69 Chopper Picks Up Chicks Dar & Chopper Girl checking out the 69 Chopper

Bobber Girl's Star is on the Rise Great looking chassis & the bike ain’t bad either

69 Chopper Have Chopper Girl will travel

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