Brass Balls Bobbers Business Is Growing

Dallas’ Largest Reseller of Factory Custom and Custom Motorcycles Now Markets Brass Balls Bobbers


Client: Brass Balls Bobbers
Service: Press Release
Action: Promoting New Relationship in a Down Market

November 6, 2008 – Oklahoma City – Darwin Motorcycles signed Rick Fairless’ Strokers Dallas to carry the entire line of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers. The agreement was signed at the dealership during Strokers’ 13th Anniversary Party, which included three full days of live music, beer tub girls, cold beer, bikini bike wash, bikini contest and wet t-shirt contests.

Dar Holdsworth, Brass Balls Bobbers’ Capo, had met with Fairless on a number of previous occasions but this agreement came together after the two custom bike designers met in Sturgis.

“We are excited in joining forces with Rick and his team,” said Dar. “Our motorbikes represent the wide-open biker lifestyle and they fit in with the Strokers audience. We are expecting great success in this relationship.”

Rick Fairless will carry the custom-production bobbers and choppers that utilize fuel efficient engines including the Harley-Davidson® EVO, S&S® motors, as well as a unique re-engineered Indian® V-Plus engine.

Each Brass Balls Bobbers’ frame is built by a Top Fuel Bike builder. That’s why individuals in-the-know see the frames and consider the design and the welds to be as much art as functional components.

About Darwin Motorcycles

Darwin Motorcycles was created in June 2006 by motorcycle designer Dar Holdsworth and master builder Sam Wills. The firm has mastered the ability to fuse timeless old-skool bike styles with key racing designs. The company manufactures a range of custom bikes, including special one-off builds, choppers, and its Brass Balls Bobbers line. The Oklahoma-based custom bike manufacturer specializes in building a line of track-inspired quality bikes for the “average Joe.” The factory is located in Oklahoma City. Visit the company online at

With a strong team at the helm and a slate of innovative, high-performance designs that blend vintage with contemporary, Darwin Motorcycles is primed and quickly becoming one of the leading motorcycle shops in the country attracting new riders and setting trends through their Above Average Bobber program.

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