Building the 69 Chopper: The 2010 Edition

Building The New Custom Bike

Sneak a peek- 69 Chopper – Brass Balls Bobbers is building a new motobike called the 59 Chopper. It’s got the good stuff… Baker, S&S, D&D, Crime Scene Choppers… the list goes on and on…

1. Start with a Powerdercoat Frame

Powdercoat 69 Frame

2. Add Some Drivetrain

69 Choppa Frame

Building The New Custom Bike

BBB has added the S&S and Baker Drivetrain to the build. At Brass Balls Bobbers they are showing the build up of their 69 Chopper for the 2009 Sturgis rally. Each day they are adding to the bike build at

Details: 3″ up 1″ out 36 degrees rake… It looks choppa, but will handle great!

Debut: The 69 Chopper will be hitting the road at the 2009 Sturgis.

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