Case Study: Smoke Out

Biker Pros promotes the Smoke Out Rally
Biker Pros promotes the Smoke Out Rally

The Smoke Out Rally is about Choppas

It is about builders, from professional builders to those bloody-knuckled guys (and ladies) burning the midnight oil in an unheated shed to build a chopper they can call their own. Chops of all makes are featured, American, British, Metric, everything. The event is about riders, cross-town to cross-country in a rainstorm.

Edge, Promoter of the Smoke Out Rally,  engaged Biker Pros to:

  • Increase ticket sales
  • Increase brand awareness

Our first order of business was to consolidate the data from disparate programs and create a marketing database.  In quick succession we updated the website, implemented a social media strategy and produced a sales incentive campaign.

Our social media platform includes:

The results of the effort delivered:

  • 20% increase in event ticket sales
  • 100%+ increase in Facebook likes


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