Round Duo – Ultimate Builder Impresses in Dallas

The second round of the 2012 Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show kicked off in Dallas, TX with 37 bikes featured down the red carpet. The FreeStyle and MOD Street winners in Atlanta made the trip to Dallas and took the gold and the glory for the second weekend in a row. Warm fall weather and… Read more »

Texas Invades Georgia & Wins the Ultimate Builder in Atlanta

The 2012 Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show kicked off in Atlanta, GA on November 2-4, 2012 with outstanding sleds from custom builders. Kyle Shorey of Shadetree Fabrications drove in from Texas with 3 bikes and took 1st and 2nd in the FreeStyle class. His winning bike is named Speedmetal. Enter your bike at to… Read more »

Ultimate Builder Schedules US Championship

2013 Ultimate Builder Championship

The US Championship of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show is scheduled for Indy on February 15 -17, 2013. So polish up the chrome for an action-packed weekend of competing with the best-of-the-best custom builders from across the nation. The Championship is a feature of the Progressive  International Motorcycle Show. The prize money doubles with $14,000… Read more »

$7,000 Awarded @ the ProShow

BikerPros produces the Harley-Davidson ProShow

Biker Pros Commentary: Harley-Davidson engaged BikerPros to produce the AMD-affiliated World Championship of Custom Bike Building show during the Milwaukee Rally Weekend on the Harley-Davidson Museum campus. Biker Pros developed the program, sourced the builders and managed the event. The Motor Company awards $7,000 in prize money during the AMD affiliated Custom Bike Show Weekend… Read more »

The Billet Bobber Called Rocketeer F3

Rocketeer Billet rear fender

Brass Balls Bobbers built a Billet Bobber Called Rocketeer F3 for the World Championship Interview with Dar Holdsworth at the AMD World Championship Tech savvy builders create with billet aluminum because it is lite, durable and it can be machined into almost anything and no one likes the look of aluminum better than Dar Holdsworth… Read more »

Combine Nickel, Steel & an Ironhead = World Championship

Shop: Thunderbike in Hammiken, Germany. Name Of The Bike: PainTTless Builder: Andreas Bergerforth & Crew Engine: 1984 Sportster Iron Transmission: HD WLA 750 PainTTless is a long and slim sled with curvy lines and hand-crafted parts The 9th edition of the AMD’s World Championship of Custom Bike Building is a showcase of innovative motorcycle design and engineering. The show is… Read more »