Custom Bikes Roll with Ridewright Wheels

Bikernet Article By Jeff Najar Over the past three years our team at Biker Pros has produced over 35 custom bike shows. We seen 1000+ custom bikes from Los Angles to Daytona, and we noticed a major critical custom bike element, the wheels. Over and over a dominating competitive factor in a custom show are… Read more »

Biker Pros Completes

Biker Pros has completed the Custom Bike Shows’ website located at It is a multi-site that allows up to five sites to nest under the primary custombikeshows url. Objective: Create one location that allows enthusiasts to signup for multiple custom bike shows from across the country with any devise. Design Criteria: The information design… Read more »

Increasing the “Number of People Saw Post” on Facebook

At Biker Pros we develop campaigns that increase sales and builds brand awareness. Most recently we delivered an increase in sales of 67% through an email, Facebook and blog campaign over the same timeframe as the previous year. Working the “Number of People Saw Post” on Facebook In our work on Facebook, it became apparent… Read more »

Calling All Harley Dealers: Independents & Otherwise

All authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships as well as independent custom shops and builders are invited to enter the Modified Harley-Davidson class (indeed the FreeStyle and Performance Custom classes as well) at the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building to show their local riding community and the whole world what they can offer and achieve for… Read more »

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Something Special I love this pic… It’s at Bonneville and it has two universal interests… Speed & Sex. It’s what makes the marketing world go around. It captures your imagination and allows you to create your own story. The racer, the girl, the machine… what’s going on? Also, you wonder if she is shading herself… Read more »