Client Services: Website Development

Client Work – Brand Building, Images & Leads Clients – Brass Balls Bobbers, D&D and Torian Chopper Leathers Client Services – Online Publicity Promotions Our Client Services incorporate website development campaigns, which include fully functional applications with built in natural search engine optimization. Clients choose from infrastructure and services that include: RSS feeds podcasts vidcasts… Read more »

Client Services: Online Publicity

Client Work – Traffic, Images & Leads Client – Brass Balls Bobbers Client Services – Online Publicity Promotions Each week Biker Pros is engaged by our clients to promote their brand, increase traffic to their website, improve leads and assist in meeting their monthly sales goals. One tactic we employ is to leverage high-traffic online… Read more »

The 411 on Building an Article

The following is an article that we placed in We have a specific approach when developing content that is based on research from social scientists. Our focus is to tell an engaging story that promotes our firms and increases knowledge retention of our reader. In this article we take the act of contracting for… Read more »

Welcome Brass Balls Bobbers Readers

Welcome to Biker Pros, My name is Jeff Najar, President of the firm. Thanks for navigating over to our website. We are a publicity and consulting firm. Our team develops programs like the Brass Balls Bobbers / IronWorks Magazine giveaway bobber that build brand awareness and improved sales.

We Deliver on the Brouhaha! in Sturgis

Biker Pros assisted in producing the 2008 Bikernet Brouhaha! event in Sturgis. Bob Kay, Senior Consultant for Biker Pros, provided on-site logistics and set up and judged the Bike Show. Prior to the Sturgis event the Biker Pros team sourced sponsors, developed promotions and promoted the event. Sturgis Entertainment Checkout the pictures from Bikernet’s Brouhaha… Read more »

A Pretty Woman Increases ROI

Posted by Roger Dooley under Neuromarketing , Neuroscience Research Robert Dooley at Future Lab posts A Pretty Woman Beats a Good Loan Deal. He looks at a case study by a South African Bank trying to boost their loan business through direct mail pieces. The experiment featured a rather dramatic range in interest rates –… Read more »

Biker Pros Begins V-Twin Business Podcast

Biker Pros has agreed to underwrite the new online V-Twin Business publication, an audio magazine for the motorcycle industry. The show brings in industry people to talk about their products and services and how their programs assist in revenue prodution. Individuals from all facets of the marketplace wiegh in on the trends and issues of… Read more »