Comment by AMD Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley
Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

“Black” may be the new “Chrome”, but it still don’t get you home

Oh dear! Where to begin? If Harley-Davidson seriously think that the continuing direction signalled by their MY2016 offer is going to keep their dealers, employees and investors happy in the long-term, then they are seriously deluded.
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Triumph wins at Harley-Davidson

Carl Pusser wins Freestyle

Over 5,000 gearheads and fans converged on the Harley-Davidson Museum® Custom Bike Pro-Show on Thursday evening for Bike Night and to kick off a weekend full of custom culture. Thousands of bikes line up in long rows of choppers, trikes and cruisers. Bike enthusiasts come from all over the country to see world-class designs and celebrate Harley culture.

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Latest AMD/Baird dealer survey: US sales decline 


AMD/Baird dealer survey…

The results of the latest AMD/Baird quarterly Harley-Davidson authorized dealer survey shows a continuing issue for Harley in terms of domestic sales.

Their 2014 annual results released in January showed that by the final quarter of the year their domestic US sales of new models had gone into reverse, and that trend is showing up in the responses to the February AMD/Baird survey. Continue reading “Latest AMD/Baird dealer survey: US sales decline “

Where do Bikers Carry their Valuables? Special Ops Jacket from 5-Ball Racing Leathers

Special Ops Jacket
Special Ops Jacket

Special Ops Club Jacket

5-Ball Racing Leathers’ (12 Pocket) Special Ops Club Jacket is designed for the biker on the go, with room for wallet, keys, smart phone, garage door opener and everything else a busy, modern American biker carries nowadays.

This makes the Special Ops a perfect jacket for carrying gear of all kinds: gear including the two gun pockets that are stitched in such a way to as be wider and deeper than the typical pocket. Continue reading “Where do Bikers Carry their Valuables? Special Ops Jacket from 5-Ball Racing Leathers”

Biker Pros’ Client Articles

The story on our story

Biker Pros works with our clients to create engaging stories. These stories are shared with our media partners and other interested parties.

Our content is utilized as is or broken down and used for online updates, print articles as well as social media updates.

Listed below are the articles posted from the results of the 2015 Washington, DC Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show. Once we aggregate all the permutations of our article we consistently see over 1 million touches. Listed below our a few of the online updates:


Video of Custom Bike Show

5-Ball Racing Special Ops Black Leather Vest

And the Story behind the Brand
By Bandit with photos by Jeffrey Najar & Markus Cuff

Dumptruck Works the Vest
Dumptruck Works the Vest

The 5-Ball Racing team has always been a team effort. We set a few World Land Speed Records, and we’re going after more. The team portion of the equation remains intact with the apparel line. Teams are tough. Humans have a tough time dealing with egos, success, money, you name it. In many respects the Dharma rule of any team is to avoid all those issues at all costs. I’ll attempt to explain.

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Leather and models and bike shows, oh my!

    Note: asked for a piece on what I do during a typical custom bike show weekend. Here is an overview of the Long Beach. By Jeffrey Najar
The J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Weekend in SOCAL
The weekend starts at LAX

My job is promoting companies in the Powersports Industry through promotions and publicity, as well as by producing custom bike shows.

In late 2014 I flew into LAX to produce the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show, which was installed down the center isle and on the red carpet of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show. This was the 4th show in the 1tth show series.

I always look forward to coming out to the City of Angles because I stay at the HQ in Wilmington, CA. I bring a bottle of single barrel Jack Daniels and sit down with Bandit and whoever-is-around at the end of the day to have a couple of shots, recap the day and fix the world’s problems.

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Hammer Performance Sponsors Smoke Out 16

Hammer Performance Sponsors Smoke Out 16
Hammer Performance Sponsors Smoke Out 16

The Smoke Out rally announced today that Hammer Performance, purveyor of performance headwork and go-fast parts for Harley-Davidson and Buell, is the newest Smoke Out sponsor. Hammer Performance joins Biker’s Choice and Spectro Oils in their support of the owner / builder culture.

Dan Norlin and Aaron Wilson are partners in the Hammer Performance endeavor. Norlin won the AHDRA National Championship in September, and Wilson’s prepped bikes currently hold a total of 16 records at the flats, at speeds up to 213 miles per hour. These guys know how to make bikes go fast, and they have transferred that knowledge to street bikes in a very usable way.

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J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Results: Phoenix, AZ

Curt Gandy of J&P Cycles Checks out the Competition at Ultimate Builder
Curt Gandy of J&P Cycles Checks out the Competition at Ultimate Builder

Phoenix, AZ is known for Baggers. And when the J&P Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show rolled into Phoenix, the Baggers rolled out for the International Motorcycle Show and into the Custom Show.

Big wheel sleds from Sideshow’s Cycles, Insane Asylum, Spooky Fast, Bagger’s Inc., Torch Industries, Stellar Cycles and Brian Jenkins of Hatred Industries all had something to offer. And with all that fire power, only one Bagger took a win. Bananas!

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Love Ride, 5 Ball Racing Leathers & the Mean Streets of LA

Late night flight into LAX
Late night flight into LAX

I flew into LAX late Thursday night and was picked up by my partner Bob Kay.

    By Jeff Najar, Biker Pros Partner

I ducked my head to see who was in the car and found Bandit of Bikernet behind the wheel grinning ear to ear. Kay was riding shotgun and Ray Wheeler was taking up residence in the back. Once we all got loaded, we had 850+ lbs of beef and 300 lbs of luggage dragging the springs of the black Ford rental.

The boys waited on me for dinner so after I got in, Bandit slammed the accelerator and we shot off into the night looking for a late night dinner. We zipped down the mean streets of Los Angeles on the hunt… blasting down the streets, popping over curbs and blowing through lights.

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