Brass Balls Bobbers Provides Bailout Assistance

Hard-pressed Motorcycle Consumers Can Find Relief With a 30 mpg Bobber

Client: Brass Balls Bobbers
Service: Press Release
Action: Promoting their $1,000 Off Program

October 2, 2008 – Oklahoma City – Darwin Motorcycles, manufacturer of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers, is sticking it to the man by providing a relief package for Bobber & Chopper enthusiasts that includes a $500 off on 5 speed and $1,000 off on 6 speed motorbikes, which runs through December 31, 2008.

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BikerPros Produces Rocket III Video for D&D

Client: D&D Performance Enterprises
Action: Product video
Program: Build brand awareness & spur sales

BikerPros works to improve online traffic and sales for D&D Performance Enterprises by creating a video that shows performance and explains the capability of the firm. Our D&D videos have delivered as much as 10,000 views of a single video.

The following video highlights the latest product release by the client and allows enthusiasts to meet the President of the firm, Dave Rash, aka The Pope of Pipe.

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Building Brand Via Video

BikePros Taps the YouTube Platform

BikerPros produces video to assist our clients in building their brand and driving traffic to their site. In our research we have found that as long as the video is posted we see:

  • Daily video views
  • Traffic to client site

Your Watching Brass Balls Bobbers’ Military Bobber Vidcast

The following is a sampling of the video we produce on YouTube.


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Pictures From The Front

Dar Holdsworth, Brass Balls Bobbers’ BossMan, reported that Adam Lynch ordered a motorbike from the crew. Adam is stationed in Afghanistan and sent pictures of his deployment.

My Other Car is a Tank

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Bikernet Studio: In Search For Speed

Speed Merchants from the past to the present… After the big one the boys came home and built Hot Rods to win records make names for themselves.


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Brass Balls Bobbers Taps D&D For Custom Pipes

When Darwin Motorcycles, the Oklahoma manufacturer of Brass Balls Bobbers, decided to enhance the look and performance of their machines with dyno-tuned exhausts they looked South to Ft. Worth, Texas at D&D Performance Enterprises.

D&D Header
D&D Header Pipe

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