2009 Sturgis – Champions Park & AMD Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building

2009champUPDATEClick here for the 2009 AMD World Championship Results.

Heading into its 6th anniversary year, 2009 sees the AMD Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building once again bringing together an outstanding collection of the year’s best engineered custom bikes from around the world. With entries literally spanning the globe, the event showcases:

  • Outstanding talent
  • World-class design
  • The best in craftsmanship
  • Engineering excellence

The 2008 World Championship saw 68 of the best engineered custom motorcycles from 19 states and 12 countries compete in downtown Sturgis on Lazelle Street. This year the event is expecting to bring bikes from a record number of countries.

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Industry meeting @ Cincinnati

Special Report From K. Ball of Bikernet

Issue: Aftermarket motorcycle support group
Meeting: V-Twin Expo

Irvine, California, December 16, 2008: Keith R. Ball, President of Bikernet.com met with Tim Buche, President of the MIC, Grady Phieffer, GH Marketing and Ted Sands of Performance Machine regarding the viability of an aftermarket motorcycle support group.

Recently during these tough economic times an opportunity surfaced to create a motorcycle aftermarket group under the umbrella of SEMA, the aftermarket industry group for the Hot Rod and automotive industry, which represents over 7,500 members.

“Timing is everything,” said Ball. “Years ago this was attempted, but the motorcycle
industry lacked a unified voice. Fortunately we still have this opportunity
to step up, band together and protect our industry through SEMA or the MIC.”

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New Baker PowerBox Transmission

thedoctor2 Baker Transmission has a new tranny called the PowerBox.

It looks very cool so we got on the horn with Chad Beherndt, the engineer that designed the smooth shifter, to get the 411 on their latest and greatest. It’s all in Bikernet Studio, don’t miss the interview!

Biker Pros produces the show. You can hear the latest interviews for the movers and shakers every Thursday at Bikernet Studio.

Don’t Be a Stinker – Test Your Product

Passing the Sniff Test

By Roger Dooley

If you are going to introduce a product that incorporates fragrance or has a sent, don’t just assume that “Spring Mist” or “Tooled Leather” will be fine – test a number of alternatives on real consumers to see if one outperforms the rest.

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On Air: Robin Hartfiel

Robin Hartfiel, Editor of V-Twin News, talks about the state of the Powersports economy for September 2008. He just returned from the Yamaha Dealer Show and offers insight into what the dealers are experiencing.

On Air Now

Checkout his podcast at V-Twin Business Podcast.

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Lessons In Green Marketing & How To Make Them Work

Roger Dooley

Marketing eco-friendly products isn’t as easy as it might seem, particularly if the products involve some kind of sacrifice or behavioral change on the part of the consumer. Take a look at one of the supposed eco-villains, the auto industry.

While one can criticize the big US auto firms (not to mention Toyota and Nissan) for continuing to push big trucks and SUVs to consumers who didn’t “need” them, the fact is that all of these firms were supplying what the consumer wanted. Continue reading “Lessons In Green Marketing & How To Make Them Work”

Study: Baby Boomers Love Social Networks Too

By Steve Miller

The widely known maxim is that if parents like what the kids are listening to, it’s time for the kids to ditch that music and move on. So what happens when mom requests you as a friend on Facebook?

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MAG Buys Forge-Tec

Motorsport Aftermarket Group, Inc (MAG) has acquired Forge-Tec Motorcycle Wheels and Accessories.

Forge-Tec was launched in 2006 to enhance Advanced Metal Technologies’ (AMT) position in the finished motorcycle wheel business. Forge-Tec’s complete product line includes 17 different wheel styles, with matching rotors and pulleys. Forge-Tec supplies a private proprietary program of finished wheels to numerous OEMs and is known for its development of the “For Harley Only” program. Forge-Tec will continue to be marketed and sold under the Forge-Tec brand name.

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H-D MDA Contributions Hit 6.7 Million

Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary fundraising for the Muscular Dystrophy Association reached $6.7 million, surpassing its original $6 million goal for 105th Anniversary fundraising.

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