Harley-Davidson Shows Continued Improvement

Second Quarter Earnings Per Share Rise 32.1 Percent to $1.07 Retail New Motorcycle Sales Up 2.8 Percent Worldwide for the Quarter and 9.3 Percent Through Six Months MILWAUKEE, August 1, 2012 — Harley-Davidson, Inc. (NYSE: HOG) reported continued increases in earnings and dealer new motorcycle sales for the second quarter of 2012. Income from continuing… Read more »

Prices for new Harley-Davidson motorcycles are improving

Demand in the second quarter of this year is up 4 percent to 5 percent on the heels of a 25 percent demand increase in first quarter, brought on by early spring weather, according to Baird Equity Research analyst Craig Kennison. The Baird report is based on a survey of 40 Harley dealers nationwide.

Business Intelligence: AMD/Baird quarterly research survey

The latest  has uncovered ongoing issues surrounding low inventory levels at more that half of the authorised Harley-Davidson dealerships surveyed. The survey was conducted in May 2012 to measure mid-quarter trends. It found that demand remains up over the same period in 2011, by some 4 to 5 percent. However following the 25 percent surge… Read more »

Bobby Petrino’s infamous motorcycle is up for auction

Will Copart work for you? It looks like it is worth investigating and determining the value of the product. Copart sells more than one million vehicles each year through VB2, their  patented two-stage internet sales technology.

Is Direct Mail & Telemarketing In Your Sales Bag?

A little-known truth is that nearly every great business owner has built his or her business on good direct-response marketing using direct mail and telephone. In fact, right now, in the middle of the information age, good ol’ direct mail is still a $45.2 billion industry. And the telemarketing and call center industry is still north of $20 billion, despite constant attacks from the Federal Trade Commission.

A Powersports Social Media Pinterest Marketing Campaign

Pinterest users who follow kate spade’s pinboard are invited to create their own pinboards based upon where they would travel on their Vespas, according to the scooter manufacturer. Users can select one of four custom-painted Vespa LX 50s to create their “Ride colorfully” boards and, when they submit their boards into the sweepstakes, will enter to win one of the custom Vespas. The contest ends on May 3, and winners will be notified on or about May 30.

New Social Media Tools Can Reach More Buyers

Recommendations have long been considered the most trusted form of “advertising,’ according to Nielsen Co.’s “Trust in Advertising’ surveys,” said Ben Grossman, communications strategist at agency Oxford Communications, Lambertville, N.J. “The great challenge for advertisers has been that recommendations don’t have the reach, frequency and number of impressions as real paid ads.

Harley-Davidson US Sales Up 25% During 1st Quarter 2012

Published by Cyril Huze April 24th, 2012 Harley-Davidson is scheduled to release first quarter 2012 earnings tomorrow Wednesday April 25. But after information leaked from a research update by the Motorcycle Industry Council became public, Harley-Davidson was obliged yesterday to confirm in a federal filing that retail sales of motorcycles in the United States rose… Read more »

Social Media Advertising Is Set to Explode

The great agency battle has begun. After years and years of riding shotgun, agencies that focus on communications and conversations – PR firms and social media agencies – are gunning for their clients’ ad budgets.

At stake is who will control, and earn the lucrative fees, from the cash companies are pouring into Facebook and Twitter ads.