Combing Product Placement with Daytona Bike Week

Working Aerostitch Apparel
Working Aerostitch Apparel
Edge Reports on Aerostitch Apparel

The Epic Ride to the Beach

In the latest edition of Daytona Bike Week, Biker Pros had projects with Iron Trader News, Harley-Davidson, Atomic Dice Studio Arts, The Smoke Out and Aerostitch.

Bob Kay and I worked the rally and then wrapped up the effort by writing a series of articles that featured our clients by using product placement technique.

Product placement is a type of advertising where a company’s products are integrated directly into a story line. Continue reading “Combing Product Placement with Daytona Bike Week”

The Snake: A FLHX Street Glide

A Biker Pros Article

By Jeff Najar, Biker Pros
Photography: Jack McIntyre

Note: Keith “Bandit” Ball contracted Biker Pros to write an article for on the Snake. We interviewed Kyle Heller of Hot Rod Harley-Davidson, the primary builder, and scouted a photography location during the Harley-Davidson 110th celebration.

In a sea of custom bikes, Snake, the 2011 Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide from Hot Rod Harley-Davidson, rivets your attention like a 50/50 ice cream bar on a 90-degree summer day.

The Tangelo Orange House of Kolor paint shimmers in the sun and is contrasted with the tribal graphics, which are integrated with painted carbon fiber panels.

When you first look at the bike it looks like a highly detailed standard bagger, the fit and finish is carefully refined. But after a few minutes you begin to notice it isn’t standard at all. It’s integrated so well it almost looks like what should roll off the factory assembly-line. Continue reading “The Snake: A FLHX Street Glide”

Metzeler ME 880 Donut Article

Metzeler Donut Update
Metzeler Donut Update
Mariyln Stemp, Editor of IronWorks Magazine, contacted Biker Pros to write a review on the Metzeler ME 880 motorcycle tires. Listed below is the published article.

Metzeler ME 880 Donuts & the Case of the Head Shaking Nightster

A Week on the Road with Bandit, Hammer, Englishman, and Edge

by Jeff Najar, Partner

Awards Ceremony on the Big Stage @ the Harley-Davidson Museum
AMD Invitational Awards Ceremony on the Big Stage @ the Harley-Davidson Museum

Choppers, Bobbers & Custom Bikes

I’m sitting here at 30,000 feet coming in exactly one week from the time I started this campaign beginning at the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary celebration. Along with my co-hort, Bob Kay, we produced the AMD Invitational Custom Bike Show at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

It was a kick ass show with 31 exceptional bikes. Over 1.8 million in rolling iron. You can see the write up at Bikernet, IronWorks Magazine or Cycle Source Magazine. Continue reading “A Week on the Road with Bandit, Hammer, Englishman, and Edge”

Meeting the Hell Cat @ Daytona Bike Week

NOTE: The following article is published at

Hell Cat Pinstriping her Ironhead Sportster @ Willie's Tropical Tattoo
Hell Cat Pinstriping her Ironhead Sportster @ Willie’s Tropical Tattoo
During a late night North Carolina thunderstorm I got a call from Edge, the Promoter of the Smoke Out. He got me just as I was finishing the last dregs of my Jack on the rocks. With Edge, you never know what alley a conversation will take, so I shook my myself like a dog coming out of a rainstorm to get the cobwebs out.

To my surprise he was talking about a Smoke Out 14 video.

I thought it was a good idea especially since he had enlisted Zack Coffman of Choppertown and the Sinners fame. We batted around using a crowd funding site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to secure funds for the project. A long story short, the Indiegogo project was a total failure even though the Continue reading “Meeting the Hell Cat @ Daytona Bike Week”

SuperTrapp Industries receives Economic Builder Award

SuperTrapp president and owner Kevin Berger accepted the economic development award.
SuperTrapp president and owner Kevin Berger accepted the economic development award.

Source: PowerSports Budiness

WIRE-Net, an association that strengthens manufacturing to create healthy communities and fuel economic growth in northeast Ohio, has presented a Mission Builder Award to Cleveland-based SuperTrapp Industries, Inc.

Since 1990, WIRE-Net has presented Mission Builder Awards to companies that have invested in Northeast Ohio, through plant expansion, job creation, or new business growth. Continue reading “SuperTrapp Industries receives Economic Builder Award”

DIY: Tips for Optimizing Pinterest

It all starts and ends with a photo. The power of Pinterest is all within the images that you use to attract and engage your audience.

Go Big, Go Tall – Taller images and those images containing more “content” tend to get more repins than shorter images. Infographics display well on Pinterest and are an eye catching. In addition, images that show before and after tend to do well on Pinterest.

Manage Copy between 100 and Continue reading “DIY: Tips for Optimizing Pinterest”

On the Throttle: David Mann’s Popular Ghost Rider

By Jeff Najar

David Mann's was a collaboration with Bandit
David Mann’s Ghost Rider was a collaboration with Bandit
David “Dave” Mann (September 10, 1940 – September 11, 2004) was a California graphic artist whose paintings celebrated biker culture, and choppers.

Called “the biker world’s artist-in-residence,” his images are ubiquitous in biker clubhouses and garages, on motorcycle gas tanks, tattoos, and on t-shirts and other memorabilia associated with biker culture.

Choppers have been built based on the bikes first imagined in a David Mann painting.

Back in the day…
David Mann stopped in to chat with Continue reading “On the Throttle: David Mann’s Popular Ghost Rider”

FYI: Pinterest Stats are Exceptional

Pinterest is driving more traffic to retail web sites
Pinterest is driving more traffic to retail web sites
Pinterest, the social media property, is driving more traffic to retail web sites
The Pinterest Stats – Shoppers head to e-commerce sites via the Pin Board

The up-and-coming social network is driving more traffic to retail web sites, and those shoppers buy more than most, says digital marketing firm Monetate. The firm’s first quarter e-commerce study also highlights another source of valuable online customers: military personnel.

More shoppers are coming to e-commerce sites viaPinterest than was the case last year, and they spend more per order than consumers coming from other social networks. And e-retailers might want to market more to U.S. military members. Continue reading “FYI: Pinterest Stats are Exceptional”

FYI: Is Video In Your Future? USA TODAY Thinks So

69 Chopper
George Emmons Najar Shoots Video

By Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY

USA TODAY – If you’re one of the estimated 25,000 small businesses in America, then – whether you realize it or not – video is in your future.

The consumer market for watching online video is huge. About 11 billion videos were shown in September, according to Nielsen Online.

“Whether you’re a hot-dog vendor in Boston or design firm in Santa Fe, you will be producing video for the Web,” says Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey. “Video is how your customers will find you.”

Continue reading “FYI: Is Video In Your Future? USA TODAY Thinks So”