The Rule of High School

From SethGodin’s Blog The Rule of High School Any sufficiently overheated industry will eventually resemble high school. High school is filled with insecurity, social climbing, backbiting, false friends, faux achievements, high drama and not much content. Much of this insecurity comes from a market that doesn’t make good judgments, that doesn’t understand how to reliably… Read more »

Got Branding?

The ad shown has scored exceptionally well in viewer engagement according to Sands Research, a neuromarketing service provider:

CLIENT NEWS: Rick Marler of Wire Plus in Bikernet Studio

PODCAST >>> Interview with Rick Marler <<< Rick Marler of Wire-Plus builds state-of-the-art electronics for motorcycle applications. For example, there new digital DOT compliant digital speedo provides a cornucopia of information to the rider… features include speedometer, tach, trip, odometer, all indicator light functions and new flat panel construction that measures 2.5” round with all… Read more »


A well-known customizer and one of the icons of 1960s “Kar Kulture,” Von Dutch applied his legendary pin-striping and painting skills to the Scott. The design even features the famed flying eyeball logo that was Von Dutch’s signature. On a scale of 1 to 10, this particular Super Squirrel is considered by many to be an 11.

Don’t Be a Stinker – Test Your Product

Passing the Sniff Test By Roger Dooley If you are going to introduce a product that incorporates fragrance or has a sent, don’t just assume that “Spring Mist” or “Tooled Leather” will be fine – test a number of alternatives on real consumers to see if one outperforms the rest.

Lessons In Green Marketing & How To Make Them Work

Marketing eco-friendly products isn’t as easy as it might seem, particularly if the products involve some kind of sacrifice or behavioral change on the part of the consumer. Take a look at one of the supposed eco-villains, the auto industry.