The Rule of High School

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The Rule of High School

Any sufficiently overheated industry will eventually resemble high school. High school is filled with insecurity, social climbing, backbiting, false friends, faux achievements, high drama and not much content. Much of this insecurity comes from a market that doesn’t make good judgments, that doesn’t understand how to reliably choose between alternatives. So it turns into a popularity contest.

  • As Tom Hanks reportedly said, “Hollywood is like high school, but with money.”
  • Or the fashion magazine industry, which is high school but with more makeup.
  • Add to that the Internet, which is like high school but with a modem.
  • Or Twitter, which is high school but only 140 characters at a time.

As in high school, the winners are the ones who don’t take it too seriously and understand what they’re trying to accomplish. Get stuck in the never ending drama (worrying about what irrelevant people think) and you’ll never get anything done. The only thing worse than coming in second place in the race for student council president is… winning.

Got Branding?

Got Branding? Posted by Roger Dooley

I like Roger’s think through and access to analysis data. Here is a piece from Nabisco.

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CLIENT NEWS: Rick Marler of Wire Plus in Bikernet Studio

In Bikernet Studio
In Bikernet Studio

>>> Interview with Rick Marler <<<

Rick Marler of Wire-Plus builds state-of-the-art electronics for motorcycle applications.

For example, there new digital DOT compliant digital speedo provides a cornucopia of information to the rider… features include speedometer, tach, trip, odometer, all indicator light functions and new flat panel construction that measures 2.5” round with all electronics onboard. (No external brain box.) More videos and podcasts at Bikernet Studio.


The Scott Super Squirrel
The Squirrel all started back in 1908, when Alfred Angas Scott built the first Scott motorcycle, a 333cc water-cooled two-stroke twin.

The allure of this bike starts with the Scott marque itself, which produced motorcycles so far ahead of their time that it’s hard not to label them technological oddities.

By the time the Super Squirrel debuted in 1924, when most motorcycles had heavy air-cooled four-stroke engines and solid forks, the Scott boasted a two-stroke motor, water cooling and telescopic forks.

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You Know You’re a Girlfriend, Wife of a Racer When…

Racer Girlz

Editor’s Note: We like racing because racers and the team around them influence buying decisions. Marianne Guarena crews on her boyfriends race team (Shawn Higbee) and is into action sports. Check out her blog here.

This is a fun 52 entry list…

You Know You’re A RoadRacer’s Girlfriend/Fiancé/Wife/Significant other When…

1. You can change out a shock in a racebike.

2. You have picked up their leathers and team shirts from their sponsors, and are now wanting custom leathers of your own.

3. You know what DZUS clips are.

4. You know the AMA rules and guidelines for each class and regularly monitor any last minute supplemental regulations.

5. You actually have been an umbrella girl even though you swore you’d never do it.

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Don’t Be a Stinker – Test Your Product

Passing the Sniff Test

By Roger Dooley

If you are going to introduce a product that incorporates fragrance or has a sent, don’t just assume that “Spring Mist” or “Tooled Leather” will be fine – test a number of alternatives on real consumers to see if one outperforms the rest.

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Lessons In Green Marketing & How To Make Them Work

Roger Dooley

Marketing eco-friendly products isn’t as easy as it might seem, particularly if the products involve some kind of sacrifice or behavioral change on the part of the consumer. Take a look at one of the supposed eco-villains, the auto industry.

While one can criticize the big US auto firms (not to mention Toyota and Nissan) for continuing to push big trucks and SUVs to consumers who didn’t “need” them, the fact is that all of these firms were supplying what the consumer wanted. Continue reading “Lessons In Green Marketing & How To Make Them Work”

Study: Baby Boomers Love Social Networks Too

By Steve Miller

The widely known maxim is that if parents like what the kids are listening to, it’s time for the kids to ditch that music and move on. So what happens when mom requests you as a friend on Facebook?

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