Podcast: Ron “Chop Docs” Harris

Bikernet Studio Podcast

Ron “Chop Docs” Harris has been kicking out killer old school chops since 2003. Chop Docs specializes in custom paint and complete customizing.

Chop Docs specializes in old skool, one-off builds and customizing bikes from any make or model.


Podcast: Huck from Radical Baggers

Bikernet Studio Podcast

Huck Hemphill, Founder of RADICAL BAGGERS INC, is the premier custom motorcycle builder based in Adrain, Michigan. He specializes in custom ground up bike builds and one off motorcycle parts specifically designed for radical baggers.

For over 6 years RADICAL BAGGERS has been building the most creative and baddest bikes see on the roads and highways.


PODCAST: SS Trikes @ AMD World Championship

Custom Bike Building

Listen to Sarah Donnell & Jason Nieman on the AMD World Champs Podcast.

Builder Jason Nieman is entered in the Production Class at the World Championships and will be competing for the gold with other storied manufacturers like Brass Balls Bobbers and Choppers, OCC Motorcycles, Big Bear Choppers and Big Dog Motorcycles just to name a few.

PODCAST: Paul Aiken on 50,000 Watt Flamethrower – Bikernet Studio

Hear Paul Aiken @ Bikernet Studio

Custom Bike Building

Paul Aiken talks about the latest products from Aeromach USA. All Aeromach products are Made in the USA.

Listen to Sarah Donnell & Paul Aiken on the Bikernet Studio Podcast.

Aeromach manufactures billet motorcycle accessories including mirrors, levers, risers, grips and fork bullets.

PODCAST: Dar Holdsworth @ Bikernet Studio

Hear Dar Holdsworth @ Bikernet Studio

Brass Balls BossMan, Dar Holdsworth, is riding into Sturgis with 2 custom-production motorcycles for the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Bossman talks about his latest two-wheel jewel… The Brawler. Hear Dar Holdsworth on Bikernet Studio

Podcast: Interview with George Emmons Najar about the Speed Chair

Speed Chair – A Video Platform

George Emmons Najar built the Speed Chair, a 100mph video rated platform, that allows over 180 degrees of unimpeded view from either the front or back of the film vehicle. It’s been used at Bonneville, Texas Motor Speedway and urban areas of Ft. Worth, to name just a few.

Listen to Sarah Donnell & George Emmons Najar on the Biker Pros Podcast.