Client News: Brass Balls Bobbers’ Thrill Ride

Brass Balls Bobbers Begins a Thrill Ride
Brass Balls Bobbers Begins a Thrill Ride

Thrill Ride a Minute

Her arms went about me passionately as sharp fingernails clawed at the flesh of my bare back, not hard enough to draw blood but leaving streaks of whiteness behind them when they fell away limply.

Ahh, Cherry Blair, she leaves a brand on the mind… There was a faint moon overhead and the night air of mid-summer had a sensuous feel about it… and I have miles to go before I sleep.

So I turned the key, toggled the switch and put the Model 1 on full song. The custom D&D exhaust’s raucous reports had me clicking up and down through the Baker Drivetrain to entertain myself and anyone within earshot.

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Note: We are going to go in a new direction with our online editorial at Bikernet and Cycle Source Magazine. We are using pulp fiction prose linked to 1 or 2 noir-style photographs. Our copy incorporates dialog that you would find in Hollywood crime dramas, which revolve around “Sex. Violence. Money.” The copy will be stylized along the great hardboiled detective writers including Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and John D. MacDonald.
– Jeffrey Najar, Partner

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