Client News: Brass Balls Bobbers Rolls Out the Thrill Ride

Take a Thrill Ride @ Brass Balls Bobbers
Brass Balls Bobbers Begins a Thrill Ride Campaign

Taking A Thrill Ride

She poured three inches of straight bourbon over the ice in her glass. She swallowed the three inches and refilled the glass.

“Not so fast,” I said. “You’ll get sick.”

“I want it fast and hard,” she said. She drank the refill fast and poured again. The she kicked off her high-heeled pumps. She put down the bottle and pulled off her cotton dress and half slip. She staggered over to the window and sat on the sill.

She killed another drink and then tossed her long blond hair over her shoulder and shot me a backward glance, flashing the most evil smile since Eve grinned at Adam with the apple in her teeth.

“Come her,” she said. “Come here and kiss me…” Mmmmm… “More,” she hissed. “Much more.”

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Note: We are going to go in a new direction with our online editorial at Bikernet and Cycle Source Magazine. We are using pulp fiction prose linked to 1 or 2 noir-style photographs. Our copy incorporates dialog that you would find in Hollywood crime dramas, which revolve around “Sex. Violence. Money.” The copy will be stylized along the great hardboiled detective writers including Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and John D. MacDonald.
– Jeffrey Najar, Partner

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