New XR 1200 Exhaust Pipe from D&D  Performance Exhaust

Twist the throttle and hug the hairpin… the XR1200 hits hard like a Harley-Davidson XR750 dirt track racer and D&D Performance Enterprises has just the added accessory… full throated exhaust system with the new Bob Cat pipe that delivers the Harley boom and performance at a reduced sound signature.

Increase power, Improve tone and Pump the Torque

D&D has partnered with Zipper’s to create an XR1200 performance kit that lights a fire under the air-cooled, silver powdercoated 1,200cc Evolution V-twin engine. The results? Canyon carving power that punches up the Torque and Horsepower by as much as 12%. Results with other tuners may vary.

D&D’s new Concentric Flow Baffle System reduces the sound signature of the pipe and increases performance. It was designed in conjunction with the Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Arlington.

New XR 1200 Exhaust Pipe from D&D  Performance Exhaust

D&D Pipe Options

Part # 551-31 A – Black pipe and end cap with aluminum sleeve.
Part # 551-31 B – Black pipe and end cap with black sleeve.
Part # 551-31 C – Black pipe and end cap with carbon sleeve.

D&D’s new upswept 2 into 1 Bob Cat pipe is offered in Aluminum sleeve, Black sleeve or Carbon sleeve.

Get the details at D&D Performance Enterprises.


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